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Xbox Error Led's Defined

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 12:10 PM

Xbox Error Light Meanings
Written by: Twisted.Penguin

Error lights can be cryptic, and little documentation is available on the reason

these errors occur. When an Error light flashes, it means there is a problem with the

motherboard said for the Orange/Green flashing which is due to the audio/video pack.

Some error lights can be fixed by installing a Modchip, or replacing the eeprom, other

times a new motherboard is needed.

==Table of Contents==
1.Green/Red Flashing
2.Solid Green with no audio/video/eject
3.Solid Green with no audio/video
4.Orange/Green Flashing
5.Orange Flashing
6.Orange/Red Flashing
7.Green or Green then red flashing
8.Solid red

1.Green/Red Flashing :
Problem: The Xbox will restart twice, and then flash red and green. This is known as the

FRAG and can be caused by many reasons. Typically when you receive this error you will

not have any video. Possible reasons you may get this is a bad bios image, a bad bios

chip, the Nvidia MCPX chip is damaged, broken/damaged traces or solder splashes on the

mother board.

Fix: If you were doing any kind of soldering work (adding a Modchip or other type of

mod) on or around your motherboard, make sure there are no solder splashes or that there

are not solder bridges connecting any traces. If there are, desolder them. If you have

not done any kind of modding to the unit, then its likely to be caused from a bad tsop

image, or a bad chip. Try installing a Modchip to see if you can get the unit to boot.

If the Xbox still gives a FRAG then it means another major component is bad and the

motherboard needs to be replaced.

2.Solid Green with no audio/video/eject
Problem: The unit will not show/give any audio, video, and will not eject the DVD drive.

Nine out of ten Xbox’s with this problem usually have a problem with the system bios.

Fix: Usually installing a Modchip, and booting a hacked bios will fix this problem. If

this error came about after installing a Modchip, check to see if all the solder

connections are good. If so, try removing the Modchip to see if the Xbox boots alright

off of the system bios (TSOP). If the problem only occurs when the chip is connected and

the solder points are good, then it is possible the bios on the Modchip is bad. Some

people have reported that their system was fine until they installed a Modchip and then

received this error. After removing the chip, the error persisted. This could be due to

a solder bridge on or around the LPC port, or D0 point. If this is the case, desolder

the bridge and see if this changes the error.

3.Solid Green with no Audio/Video
Problem: The unit will not give any audio and video but will let you eject the DVD

drive. It could be caused by a bad high definition pack, or disconnected a/v cables.

Fix: Check to see if the A/V cables are properly plugged in and the television is set to

the appropriate channel. If you are using a high definition A/V pack, try using a

standard A/V pack.

4.Orange/Green flashing
Problem: This is caused when the A/V pack is not connect or is broken.

Fix: Check to see if the pack is connected. If so then replace the pack with another. If

this still doesn’t fix the problem, it may be possible the traces from the A/V connector

to the IC are cut or damaged.

5.Orange flashing
Problem: If there was a mod installed then it is most likely due to a solder splash,

solder bridge, or a broken trace.
Fix: Search around to see if you can find a solder splash, solder bridge or cut trace.

If you find either of the solder problems desolder them.

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