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Get More Space Out Of Stock Drive?

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#1 LeafsNation


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 08:16 AM

Hi! I have a westernd Digital drive (stock), I believe thats the 8 gig drive, in avalaunch file manager it shows I have these partitions:

C 328mb
D 0mb
E 4217mb
F Err: 1005
G Err: 1005
X 749mb
Y 749mb
Z 748mb

Whenever avalaunch starts up it says "0mb free on f:", when I ftp into the xbox I can access all drives except for D,F.G.

I hear theres certain drives you can delete and you can get more space out of the xbox, which drives would those be?

And would you know why I cant access drives D:,F:,G: ?

Thanks for your help!!

ps - since I only have the stock drive, I want all the space i can get biggrin.gif


I guess this is important to know, but Im using softmod exploits and dont have a mod chip.

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#2 taz1975uk


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 04:46 PM

Drives F and G are there for non-stock HDD's

they show up as an error on the list, becuase they are not present on your xbox.

#3 Ichijoe


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 05:03 PM

I don't know about Western Digitals, but
Seagate Harddrives are not 8GB but, are actualy 10GB
(for a whole lot of good it'll do you!) you need to format
the F: Partition to gain accesss to the last 2GB of space!

Really though you *may* justbe able to squeeze One more
Game on that POS HDD. So why bother? Get a 120GB HDD
there only like 60.00EUR for Peats sake!

No wait... Let me guess you haven't even gotten around to
Chipping it yet have you?

Well all I can say is My XBOX never did a better service to me
then when that lameas* Seagate Drive took a dump! and I had
to invest the 110.00EUR for a Modchip and a new HDD.

Best Money I ever spent! next to the 199.00Eur that I spent
on just getting the XBOX!

To answer your other question.

C: is the OS Partition
D: is the DVD Drive
E: is the Save Games (Sub OS)
F: is the Partition between 10GB and 137GB
G is for anything after 137GB
Are all for Memeoy Carts
Are all Cache (RAM Drives)

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#4 LeafsNation


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 06:19 PM

thanks taz, and thanks Ichijoe for that awesome explanation. Ya I dont have my xbox chipped, if i upgrade the drive Ill use that unmodded technique.

#5 Ichijoe


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 11:57 PM

That 'unmodded techneque' might be more trouble and cost you
more $$$ then you bargend for. True it might save you a few Bucks
but, $50.00USD or 50.00 for an X-B.I.T or chaeper for a solder job
Xenium, or Xodius Modchip is an investment that you can make and
SHOULD! that 'unmodded techneque' is more advanced then you'd think
and G*d help you if you accidently unlock the HDD. becouse you need to
change a Video Setting in Avalaunch or something.

Thake it from me I know I was happy for about Two Day with the PBL!
then bam I lost it while trying to Backup Spenter Cell 1. I roasted the
OEM Drive trying to unlock it from the PC. (Hotswaping it).

You get a reall Modchip in there say a X3, or Xodius, Xenium etc...
You have with there built in OS'es stright off the bat FTP! (Can't beat that!)
Something my X-B.I.T cant do. You'll never have to worry about haveing
to unlock or lock your HDD. (trust me this WILL BE AN ISSUE FOR SOFTMODS!)
look around on this Board if you don't belive me! Plus you save your TSOP
for the emergency BIOS incase the Modchip fails, and you could still get on
XBL! (if you wanted to) you could not do this with a moded TSOP!

Oh yeah one more thing that TSOP Flash thing I don't think it's possable
with a newer Rev. 1.6 XBOX At least not at this moment!

#6 LeafsNation


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Posted 16 July 2004 - 05:36 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, actually I did accidentally unlock my drive, it took a few days, but I figured out how to lock it back up. Plus this is my old xbox, I already have a new xbox, and Ill be accessing live on that. If I kill my old xbox so be it, but im knowledgable in softmods and certain techniques like hot swapping, I dont really plan on getting a bigger hdd to backup games, but if I do, im sure ill get it to work fine with the softmod. If not ill be on these boards crying for answers laugh.gif

Thanks again though!

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