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Lightgun Myths Debunked?

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Posted 24 July 2004 - 11:53 PM

Im trying to gather information on as many available lightguns as possible.

Perhaps Xport could shine some insight on this...

1) All lightguns should support NTSC and PAL 50/60
2) Support for Pal 100 is optional

3) Does support for HD lightguns exists at all? From what I have read HOTD II and III will work with lightguns in HD. Do all lightguns work with HOTD in HD or are only some models of guns compatable? Also What Emulators support lightguns on a HDTV set? ( in any resolution... compatability is the key )

I have talked to people who claim that they have one lightgun that works in mame on a HD set when in 480p mode, yet it does not work at 1080i or 480i (their set is not 720p compatable)

Xport has also said things on other posts that could indicate that his other emus (fceultra for one) does not support lightguns in HD at all. is this true?

My HD set will up/down sample anything to its native 720p resolution.

Arg, i dont want to buy a gun thats not going to work

Whats the deal?



Ill add guns ive found online here

Beretta® 92FS
* Beretta® 92FS is compatible with all standard 50Hz, 60Hz and 100Hz TV sets (>25cm, 4/3, 16/9, flat screen or not). Thrustmaster advises you not to use the Beretta® 92FS with other kinds of TV technologies: plasma screen, LCD screen, PAL Plus TV set, video projector, Extra Flat or Real Flat tube.

Question: Will the Xbox Blaster work on an HDTV/Plasma/Projection set?

Answer: The original batch of Blasters were made to work with standard tube TVs, and therefore cannot use the HD signal correctly.
Mad Catz has released a new Blaster which will support 50/60/100/120hz and most progressive scan televisions, along with projection and standard TVs. For more information, please contact Technical Support at 1.800.659.2287, or you can email them here.

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