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Posted 30 July 2004 - 12:47 AM

This is a game review forum that users come to in order to give their opinion on certain games in a fully written, well thought out review. It's also for people to reply to their reviews giving their own opinion on the game on topic. There have been too many threads popping up such as, "is 'insert game name here' any good?" these have to stop. That is for the Gamers Chat Forum.

As for everyone else, I'd like to thank the many reviewers we have here that spend the time and effort to explain what makes or breaks these games and apps. I'd also like to thank all those who come here to discuss their thoughts on the reviewed games instead of flaming others for their opinion. keep it up.

I will only delete topics if they break forum rules. If your topic is not shown in this forum after it was posted then check the gamers chat or whichever forum would be most appropriate for your topic. I do not leave ghost topics in this forum due to the daily moving of topics.

Piracy Posts Will Get You Banned!


If you have a problem with me or they way I moderate, read the following post.
What you said was a violation of the rules.  I didn't ask to become the moderator, I was chosen by HSDemonz.  I just follow the rules that was given to me.

Don't make it seem that I'm on a power-high or anything like that.  The review forum has less tolerence than others because simply the admins want it to be strictly review based (not to mention that half the admins don't think this forum should even exist, so it's hanging by a thread).  No flaming or the thread gets locked (now I've made exceptions but ultimately some threads have been locked in this forum that may not have been in others.) No Piracy talk... at all.  The second you mention downloading/sharing/pirating any game, the thread will get locked, moved to the garbage bin, or edited.  Your post, even if you were joking or whatever, talked about downloading.  I edited it so discussion on the game review could continue. 

I'm not moderator of the year, thats for sure.  I'm just trying my best to keep this forum organized and on track.  If you truly have a problem with me or my way of running the forum, talk to an admin.  I am just doing the job that was given to me.

I see people shit on moderators all the time but you must understand that we have to follow rules like the rest of you.  Also we make life easier for you by taking the time to make pinned topics to help find other threads.  In this forum, I made the master review list.  In others, the moderators post a pinned topic that will point you to helpful threads and tutorials.  Do we get any praise for it, hell no.  But we do it anyway... why?  because it's called responsibility.  We were all given a job and we do it the best way we can.

Now I'm not one to go off like this but when someone says I'm abusing my "authority" when all I'm doing is what I'm told tends to piss me off a bit.  Now discussion about this ends here.  I'm serious about that, I don't even want to see you reply to this post.  If you wish to continue to talk to me, then pm me, or pm hsdemonz.  This goes for everyone, if you have a problem with me or the forum, pm me or an admin.

Your Welcome,

That was in response to a user who didn't like that I edited part of his post that dealt with piracy. This post explains enough to everyone how things work here. Please follow the rules.

Edited by DuDeR MaN, 28 September 2004 - 07:23 PM.

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