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Sudeki Ntsc (us)

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Posted 01 August 2004 - 12:23 PM

TITLE: Sudeki
DEVELOPER: Climax Studios
DATE RELEASED: July 20th 2004

So it was 2 AM here in good olí San Diego, and I had just gotten done setting up a TSOP Flash with a HDD upgrade, and I thought to myself, I donít play games as much as I used to, I spend more time modding then I do playing. So I thought to myself ďSudeki seems pretty cool.Ē So I decided to give it a shot, and boy was I pleased. Sudeki is an Action RPG that takes place in numerous different places on this alternate planet. The main protagonist is a character named Tai, who is a soldier in the nationís army. Now Tai isnít like most soldiers (being late to line up and what not) this made him pretty interesting as to not follow the suit of the model soldier, but the quests Tai takes you on are pretty straight forward as they can been seen in the.. You guessed it the Quest menu. The menu interface is really well done, as it doesnít completely pause the game during game play. I will get back to that later. Now onto the review which is broken down into sections.

Game play

The game play on this game is to my surprise really well done, the combat engine which allows the player to link up to a 3 button attack combination, which in turn will kill some enemies instantly, causing them to burst open like a watermelon in a Gallagher act. While this is true for Tai, it is not true for some of the other characters such as Aillish the princess in which Tai drags around, when the player changes to her the camera goes into First person view, with her wand showing ala Halo. This adds a whole new dimension to the game. I normally am not one to play Action RPGs just do to the fact that I was spoiled growing up with the Zelda games. Now I was playing this and I thought to myself, wow this is great. It reminded me of Zelda, what Zelda should have been, the game engine is an amazing piece of work that should be checked out even if you donít plan on playing it all the way through. Another interesting aspect of the game play is the ability to add what they call Runes to your weapons and armor. For those of you who played Diablo you understand what that is itís pretty much the Socket system from that which makes this game even better, you canít go wrong with Diablo. Any way this part of the game is done really well, and the camera while jerky at times is absolute bearable, plus youíll be having too much with the fighting engine to be bothered by it.

SCORE: 9/10


This is where everyone wants to hear about how well the games graphics are and how well it looks and what not. Thankfully this game holds true to that statement, the games animations are done really smoothly, and the models, though showing itís date fits perfectly with the style of game and the story, Some really nice reflective mapping is done in the cut scenes, but I have to see this done in game. The particle effects are also done very well, they burst like they should, but they arenít overdone to the point of you wondering why youíre being blinded for something you paid 50 bucks for. Now The game usually runs at a nice frame rate I assume this is a solid 60 until to many things are going on at once , but donít worry it doesnít drop down to like 10 like some games say Tomb Raider for the PS2 (that game was garbage). The textures are done really nicely, as is the lay out of the towns, and some of the creatures, are done better than Tai! Over all the graphics wonít shy you away from it, but then again it wonít (and shouldnít be) the focal point of this game.

SCORE: 8 / 10


This I think comes into play for the sound effects which is pretty standard, but the music itís self is pretty good, itís there and does what itís supposed to do which is set the mood.

SCORE: 6 / 10

Fun Factor
(What a Game Pro rip)

Likes I said before this game took me back to a time where Action RPGS where something you would look forward to. N64. And Iíve had a ton of fun playing this game so far. If youíre into Action RPGís this a must buy or for some of you acquire. But for those of you who are out there and are looking for some good old fashioned fun with a little bit of bells and whistles, Check it out youíll be surprised as I was. I think this game actually restored this genre.

FINAL SCORE: 8.5 / 10

This is CireZero saying good morning, good afternoon, and good night!

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