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For Idots And Other Gurus Here - Hard Angel V1.03?

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Jack Cheese

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 12:44 AM

Not happy about my current frozen drive situation I cruised the web for a few hours and came across this. I'm not 100% completely sure if it does (I'm just so skeptical tongue.gif) what I think it does, and when I saw the screen shot to this bios addy it looked to good to be true. Would like your opinion and to know the posssible dangers involved trying something like this...or if someone here has a spare machine with a stubborn bios they don't mind trying this on.

user posted image

Hard Angel v1.03 for BIOS. Commercial version link

Do you remember CIH? The virus has injured 500000 computers and many computers have been destroyed as a result of erasing of the Flash-BIOS. Now owners of motherboards lock it but this problem is actual for hard disks still. Hard Angel it is jumper for your hard drive.

Protect your hard drive with a Hard Angel!

The Hard Angel:
provides the hardware protection of your drive for the prohibition of unauthorized access;
allows to lock attacks of viruses which use this mechanism for destruction of the information;
allows to warn the user about the risk of a data loss if drive starts to fail;
provides reliable storage of the passwords and possibility of their restoring;
allows to bypass limitations of the BIOS of capacity of your drive;
works under any OS.

Ideas and algorithms are checked out in the gangsters world of Russia and by speculators of inside in America. <-----That's a weird bit of info.

Hard Angel will function if having:

AT compatible computer or better
IDE(ATA-3) hard drive with Host Protected Area, S.M.A.R.T. and Security features
Flash BIOS
CPU 80386 or better
DOS boot-floppy or DOS boot-cdrom
After reprogramming BIOS this tool does not demand booting by floppy or cdrom and your hard drive can work under any OS.

You have to create boot-floppy and to copy packet Hard Angel Pro to this diskette. You can use image of diskette for creation of the boot-cdrom. Boot floppy is not necessary if you use Win9x and will not set password to your drive. You can run Hard Angel Pro in autoexec.bat in this case.

With a boot-floppy you can enable or disable security of your drive but drive will not be accessible if security was enabled and reboot of the system has been made.

Therefore you have to create Bios extension module by Hard Angel Pro and add it to BIOS of your motherboard. Reprogramming BIOS should be made by utilities of the manufacturer of yours motherboard. After that you can customize by Hard Angel Pro the Boot Block of your drive which will fix this problem.

You should clear Boot Block on your drive by Hard Angel Pro.

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Jack Cheese

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 02:14 AM


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Posted 04 August 2004 - 05:11 AM

Could work but it doesn't generate a hard drive key or anything - so to use it for an Xbox would be a pain in the ass...

Besides this looks to be for the HPA Host Protected Area only, which is unrelated to the Xbox.

Xboxhdm is still the way to go I think.

By the way actually, I was looking for a HPA Host Protected Area tool for my PC! A little off topic, but what the hell, thanks, lol!

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