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My Little Lite Mod

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Posted 09 August 2004 - 09:27 AM

OK heres the run down first dont ask me to post the code I can't remember where I put it all its taken me a week to do it cause I dont know programming much but I'm sure chevy and willis can figure it out. Plus I use a different menu than the original THC lite

The whole premis of this is that I store my games under


and tHc would pretty much make me have them all in Games\

anyway screenschot one is just the basic tab I use my multi items per tab mod I made to make it switch between .:Games:. , .:Applications:. etc with the onleft and right butons

user posted image

next is inside the Games tab yeah i know the listed ones arn't games but I'm showing you how it all works. The ones with .: :. around them are the sub dirs and the other ones are the games or in this case apps I copied to my root games dir for an example.

user posted image

This last one just shows you inside the sub dir note the title on the window of .:games:.\.:Racing:.

user posted image

So how did I do it

Well basically I modified the launch code to repopulate the menu with the selected item if default.xbe was not found in the dir. I then stored all the parent dir info in some vars and modified the press B command of the submenu to check if the flag subdir was true. If it was it then it repopulated the menu list with the stored parent dir info instead of exiting out to the main menu.

I also modifed all the list popuate code to check for default.xbe and if not add .: and :. to the name so as subdirs would get sorted to the top of the list.
Which means before launcing the sub dir I had to remove these to get the list to populate with the right dir

anyway have fun and hope you like it

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Posted 25 December 2004 - 06:08 PM

Hey Jezz,

I recently installed tHC Lite on me XBOX. And I came across the same issue.
Therefore, I have been looking for a solution. And apparently your's is the best.

I saw this post, also by you: http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=255107
which shows how to switch Options on the same menuItem (tab) = Cool Stuff!

The post that I am replying to considers a similar problem but you have mentioned:
OK heres the run down first dont ask me to post the code I can't remember where I put it all

Unfortunately I am not aware of the location for the HardDrive->Games management functions in the xip files. I was wondering if I can bug you about that smile.gif

Here is what I have:
Games/SinglePlayer/<some single player games>
Games/MultiPlayer/<some multi player games>

I can look at the other article where you change the tab names OnYAction().
I can apply a similar code to this issue as well. But like I said I don't know where to look for me to apply this code smile.gif

Can you or someone else help me out or direct me to a link where this might have been discussed in futher details. I went upto 20Pages down and then I was losing my mind biggrin.gif

One ClearUp for people who would like to redirect me to 5th Menu thing:
I do not want a 5th menu, I just want the tabs to change name and so on which is what Jezz is talking about.

Thank you!

P.S. - Jezz - I cannot see the images that you have posted. Is it possible for you to fix them? If so, can you please?

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