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Spiderman 2

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Posted 14 August 2004 - 10:32 AM

Ok, I know this game has been reviewed already, but I figured I would add to it a little bit. Anyway, I must say that right off the bat this game feels a lot like the original, but control has been greatly upgraded. The learning curve is quite low and very easy to get used to.

Visually the game is really incredible. The atmosphere of the game is awesome. It really makes the player feel as though they are really swinging through the streets of NY. The world is vast, and the player is constantly surrounded by action. (Pedestrians, vehicles, ect.) For as big and in depth the game is the graphics are quite amazing. The buildings look great, Spiderman himself is very detailed, even the pedestrians are somewhat detailed. It is quite obvious that the programmers wanted to keep visual integrity throughout the entire game. The only real complaint I have visually about the game is the face that the vehicles look like cinderblocks on wheels, but it is really no big deal when looking at the grand scale of things.

Controls are excellent in the game. With the first one I had a little trouble with synchronizing the camera and my movements. The camera would turn at the wrong time or turn the wrong way just as I was jumping or moving onto something and I would go in the complete opposite direction. The game does suffer from a little bit of this occurrence but it is not nearly as bad as it was in the first game. Web swinging in the game is fantastic. My biggest fear with the game was that they were going to have this cool concept like we swinging but screw it all up with sloppy non-responsive controls, but those fears were soon put to rest seconds after starting into my first "swing".

The fighting mechanics in the game are ok, they aren't great but they aren't completely crap either. My biggest gripe is the fact that lowly thugs have the speed and ability to A) block a punch from Spiderman (even if he does pull his punches) and B ) have the speed and reflexes to dodge and shot of web. Those two aspects really made me loath fighting.

The soundtrack is pretty sweet. During some heavy fights I noticed a hint of what I thought was "updated" KMFDM but didn't really pay attention to it. During the rolling credits after I finished the game I damn near shat myself when I saw that MDFMK did the music.

Story wise the game semi follows the movie. It is understandable when the game branches away from the movie story and it does a pretty convincing job of making you pay attention when you think you know what is going to happen next. I think that is what makes the story so decent. It has the ability to keep everyone's attention whether or not they have seen the movie or not.

Overall I completely love the game. All Spiderman fans MUST own this game, I can not stress this enough. For a Spiderman fan this is the peak of the spider mountain. For the people who aren't really huge Spiderman fans I would say buy it as well, but keep the receipt in case you really don't like it. The story aspect of the game is quick enough to be covered in one rental period, but it is the extras that take up so much time. This game oozes replay. This is a game that has the ability to grab the attention of almost every type of gamer. Itís got the fighting aspect, the treasure hunt aspect, and the adventure aspect covered quite nicely.

As a fan of the comics, cartoon, movie, ect. I give this game a 9.5
As a gamer I give this game an 8.0 It is all the little annoyances that kind of hinder its ability to earn anything higher.

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Posted 14 August 2004 - 05:01 PM

cool review biggrin.gif

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Posted 14 August 2004 - 11:52 PM

hey man, the more reviews, the better this forum is. If you check the master list I recently put together you'll see there are about 6 halo reviews. Any I wrote the other review and I have to say I have to agree alot with your review. Definatly worth a buy.

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Posted 15 August 2004 - 08:25 PM

i am a spiderman fan and i got this game pretty much straight after it came out here in the UK, which is about a month and a bit ago now, i am still playing it.
i recommend this game to spiderman fans and people who like free-roaming games with lots of stuff to do.

i agree with most of the review, however i have to put this game down in a couple of places, before you say anything, i have completed the game so i know what i am talking about.

first of all, there is not enough cars and not wide enough streets, this is what takes away the feeling that it is new york. also the game is way too quiet, when i say this i mean there are rarely any sounds of cars driving or people talking, just occcasional 'woah its web slinger' or every couple of minutes a car horn.
also one other thing, the crimes do repeat over and over which gets repetitive.

apart from that though, it is great, i would buy it just for the web swinging.

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