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Helpp Have I Broke It? Any Way To Rescue?

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#1 Midnight Tboy

Midnight Tboy

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Posted 21 August 2004 - 07:03 PM

Hey there,

I'm desperate to see if any of you guys can help me.

I recently bought off ebay a premodded xbox 2nd hand. It was running great till I decided to play about with it. Firstly, I believe that its not actually chipped, I believe that the 007 Agent Under Fire softmod was used as that was an original title with it, also it was subject to the clock reset problem.

Anyways, the software was all out of date on the xbox and I was in the process of updating it all, EvoX to 3895 etc etc

It came to flashing the bios. I first flashed to M7 (with EjectFix) version, and that flash went through without any problem whatsoever. On playing the games (multigame discs), I actually preferred to to have the eject button reset the computer so I can reboot straight away without having to go through all the xbox intro again.

so I flashing with the M7 bios without ejectfix this time on the bios. The bios was updating and saying 'deleting current bios' (or words to that effect)...but it just hung for ages

Getting panicky after a while, I eventually had to relent and switch off in the hope that it would work ok and have not reached as far as deleting the bios.

On turn on, the box powers down twice then I get the flashing green/red light error

Is there anyway I can somehow reflash it via pc, or another xbox or anything at all to get it working, other than this happening it was running like a dream sad.gif

hope you can help, I'll courier you a pint or let you have my missuss for 5minutes if needs be!!!!

many hopeful thanks in advance,

#2 Midnight Tboy

Midnight Tboy

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Posted 21 August 2004 - 08:04 PM

just to add

I've just took the box apart to have a look to see whether it was chipped or softmodded

under the cddrive I see a tiny pcb board with a single chip on soldered on. Only name I get on that is

SST 49lf020

Some LPC of sorts? (admittedly dont fully understand what an 'lpc' actually is)

Is that of any help? any way to flash this back to normal? or if impossible, would it be ok if say for example I took it off completely then bought a new chip or something?

Obviously I'd prefer the former

#3 FallsInc


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Posted 21 August 2004 - 08:19 PM

LPC is the 10 little holes right under the dvd drive... if all it has is just the chip and board, its probably just a cheapmod or something.. easiest fix would be to get a new chip

#4 Midnight Tboy

Midnight Tboy

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Posted 21 August 2004 - 08:30 PM

looks like its time to buy a chip then sad.gif

typical though, my whole intention of buying one premodded is so I didn't have to chip it - now I gotta unchip it then chip it!!

Is there anything specific I need to do in order to get the chip off the motherboard? It as simple as just cutting the wires off at the solder point then throwing it in the bin? or do I need to do some tidying up, before I'm about to get a new chip ordered (haven't decided what to go for yet). And from that point, if I cut out the old chip, it should load original titles ok?

also I noticed http://neogames.com/...uct.php/125/71/ seems to be the chip in question. only 2.95. that particular chip sounds to me as if you have to flash it yourself tho? Think I may aswell pay for a more uptodate one though. Is there any point with the gen4 modchips if xbox live isn't a concern to me. My main concern is using as a backup player and as a divxplayer.



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