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Posted 28 August 2004 - 02:53 PM

Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs

Q: Dracula X is missing some sounds or doesn't work perfectly for me.

A: Some people have bad copies of Dracula X which is why some sounds/functionality are missing/wrong. There are
also some emulation issues with the sound.

Q: How do I get MY_FAVORITE_PCE_CD game to work?

A: First, try it in HUGO for the PC. If it doesn't work in the Windows version, it won't work in the XBox version. If it works in the Windows version, then you'll have to use the same method on the XBox version. For example, if you tested the PC version with a real-CD, then you must also use that same CD in the XBox version. You cannot rip the CD to ISO/MP3 and then complain if it doesn't work because you are not comparing the same things. If you are trying the same things on both platforms and you are still having problems on the XBox side, then you should be aware that not all stock XBox DVDROM drives can read CDR media. If you're using a CDR copy of a PCE game, then it may not work for that reason. If you are using ISO/MP3, then you should check out the CUE sheets on my website to make sure you have created yours correctly. If your CUE sheet was not made with my CDDissect utility, then you need to read the README very carefully to see if you have created it correctly. If you made it by hand then it is extremely likely that you made a mistake. If things still aren't working, then I'm sorry, but there's nothing more that I can tell you on the matter. Please do not ask me how to get a particular CD game working.

Q: What about SuperGrafx games?

A: They don't work in Hu-Go, therefore, they do not work in HuGo-X

Q: HugoX freezes after playing several games.

A: It's a known bug that happens occasionally. It's on the to-do list.

Q: When I try to load a CD game I get a "Load Error" message from the CD System menu.

A: This is a slight glitch that pops up from time to time. Pressing "Start/Run" again
usually fixes the problem. If it doesn't, then you need to check the data inside your
*.ISO files. If they are filled with 0x00 bytes, then it was not ripped correctly. If you
used CDDISSECT, then I'm afraid your CDROM drive is not supported. You'll have to find
another program to rip your PCE cds.

Q: I can't get Bonk 1 to run.<br>
I can't get (some other USA hucard) to run.

A: For Bonk 1, you almost definitely have a bad dump. The working version of Bonk 1
is 384KB. Find it. Use it. Furthermore, if you are trying to run a USA hucard and you
keep getting a black screen, you need to try setting the "US bit-flipped" flag in the
configuration menu. "Main menu -> Configure Game".

Q: I can't seem to enter in any joystick commands in my CD game (e.g. Dracula X)

A: Firstly, Dracula X forces you to watch the entire beginning animation before
you can play the game. So you just have to wait through it for a few minutes.
When you finally get to a menu and play the game, be sure to save it so that
you don't have to go through the opening animation again.<p>

If you are still convinced your controller is not working, then you need to look
at your controller configuration. Questions regarding this can be located in
the General FAQs section. <p>

If you are positive you have your controller configured properly and you are
positive that the game is not supposed to stop you from entering input, then
you most likely have a bud dump or a bad ISO, etc.

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