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Posted 28 August 2004 - 02:55 PM

Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs

Q: Will you implement WAV recording?

A: Maybe, but it won't be anytime soon.

Q: What about lightgun support?

A: Don't hold your breath.

Q: My Genesis ROMs don't seem to work - I keep getting the Sega CD player.

A: You are probably trying to load *.BIN files. Rename them to *.SMD or zip them up and things
should be fine.

Q: How do I reconfigure the controllers? How do I stop the Black button from taking screenshots?

A: Read the General FAQs

Q: Why don't SMS files work?

A: SMS files are Sega Master System images. Use SMSPLusX to play them.

Q: Where's the reset function?

A: It's called RTHUMB-Cursor Down-A-A

Q: Do SegaCD 32x games work?

A: SegaCD games work. 32x games work. Games that utilize both 32x and SegaCD do not.

Q: I get a "Backup RAM cartridge is not initialized" message. How do I initialize the RAM cartridge?

A: At the first SegaCD intro screen, press the A button and access the memory
selection. This is the exact same thing you would do with a real Sega CD system.

Q: Do I have to use a CUE sheet?

A: No. If you run the ISO file, things will work fine also. Making a CUE sheet
is an extra feature that I added to Gens because it results in a more accurate
layout of the audio tracks rather than having Gens make a "best guess" as to the
length of audio tracks from the length of MP3 files. ( When you convert CD-AUDIO
to an MP3 file, the MP3 file is not *exactly* the same length (in seconds) as the
CD-AUDIO data.)

Q: How should SegaCD ISO/MP3 files be named?

A: Read the included documentation

Q: Can I used ZIP'd Sega CD images?

A: No, there is no support for ZIP'd CD images or ZIP'd ISO images. Unzip all your SegaCD files.

Q: The Black button on my controller takes screenshots - how can I stop that?

A: Go to the controller configuration and change the UI button mappings. Read the General FAQs for more information.

Q: MY_FAVORITE_MULTITAP_GAME doesn't work in NeoGenesis! How can I make it work?

A: If it doesn't work in Gens for your PC, it won't work on NeoGenesis.

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