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Posted 28 August 2004 - 03:04 PM

Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs
Read ALL of the General FAQs FIRST!
General FAQs

Q: When I press the RTRIGGER button, everything gets all screwy. What's the deal?

A: The RTRIGGER button is mapped to be the fast forward button. This was a mistake - you
just need to remap it under "configure controllers".

Q: Can I transfer my VBA save file from my (computer, laptop, PDA, flash device) to the xbox?

A: Yes - just make sure you name it correctly. If the filename of the game you are playing on the xbox
is called GBAGAME.ZIP, then you need to rename the save files to to GBAGAME.ST0 (save state) and

Q: What filetypes are supported?

A: The gameboy ROM image filenames can be called anything you like. It will read GAME.GBA,
GAME.GB, GAME.FOO, GAME.BAR, etc, etc, etc. (It also supports ZIP files.)

Q: Why can't I get better framerates with XBoyAdvance?

A: XBoyAdvance runs at the same speed as if you were playing it on a computer that is
comparably as fast as the XBox.

Q: I can't get Super Mario Advance 4 (USA) to work. I keep getting a "save file corrupt" error
message. What's wrong?

A: You need to specify the 128k save type in the game configuration screen.
Read the answer to the next question.

Q: Certain save-type methods don't seem to work (e.g. Flash, EEPROM, etc) but it works on the PC
version. What's the problem?

A: Go to "save game management", delete the *.SAV file for the game in question. Now go
to "Configure Game", select the correct save method, and start the game.

Q: The software filter keeps defaulting to "None" but I would like it to stay
at the value I set it.

A: This is fixed, but will not be seen until XBoyAdvance v6.

Q: How do I get Dragon Ball Z : Goku to run?

A: From the game configuration screen ( Main menu -> Configure game) select "EEPROM"
as the save type.

Q: Will you implement netplay or the ability to link 2 GBA's together or the ability
to emulate 2 GBAs or 2 GBCs on the same screen at the same time?

A: Link mode for GB-Mono and GB-Color modes has been implemented. Use it by toggling the "Dual GB" setting from the Game Configuration screen. Link mode for GBA is not implemented and it is extremely unlikely that you will see this in the future either. You cannot netplay in GBA mode. You can only netplay in GBC/GBMono mode if both parties are running in GB-Dual mode and you're both running the same game on all of the emulated gameboys. These answers cover all GBA-Link questions. Please do not ask me any more questions about GBA-Link. It will result in a warn/ban.

Q: Is there an auto-frame skip setting?

A: Yes. Set frameskip value to 0.

Q: I see screen tearing. Can you fix it?

A: Yes and no. When I implemented the screen tearing fix (which is essentially code
that makes sure that no data is written until a proper hardware vblank occurs) it resulted
in unacceptable performance loss. Since the screen tearing phenomenon does not seem to
affect many games, I think it's best to leave it alone.

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