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Switching Homebrew Flashrom Sst

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#1 SNAKE_0


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Posted 08 September 2004 - 12:14 PM

Hello smile.gif

Iīm new on this.
Iīve a xbox v1.0.

Sorry if I donīt explain myself clearly.

I donīt want to modify the xbox Tsop Bios.

I want to add a chip with another bios like evox.
But I donīt know which type of chip, flashrom, eeprom or how to do it.
Thatīs why I ask for your help or for an easy to understand Tutorial Link for:

Install a chip, flashrom, eeprom in xbox.
Install a switch to enable/disable the chip, flashrom, eeprom.
How to flash the chip, flashrom, eeprom with evox or raincoat.

I see some tutorials, but are very confusing blink.gif or are incomplete.
I donīt know which is better: the Flashrom or EEprom or if there is another.
Iīll appreciate all your help.
T H A N K S .

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#2 Pizza Pizz

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Posted 08 September 2004 - 04:22 PM

That flashrom is a 3.3v flashrom and is really used to fit to the lpc port on 1.0/1.1 & 1.2 xbox motherboards

see "cheapmod" - aprox a 9 wire install

Once you boot from the LPC you can't flash the tsop, you would probably install a exploit and then disable the cheapmod booting via the softmod hack and flash the tsop

most other flashrom's are 5v and operate in the normal way - this is a 29 wire install but though you can then disable the homebrew chip and then flash the tsop it is a lot of work when there are easier ways

Most peeps use the 007 AUF hack which would usually need a mem card and an origianl 007 AUF or Mech Assault game to trick the xbox into booting evox/raincoat to then flash the tsop - see the tsop section for more info

As luck would have it and if your ver 1.0 has the usual 4034 bios on it - very early 1.0's had the 3944 but hopefully yours may be like 95% ver 1.0's

If the tsop chip has the 4034 sticker on it, or if you look at your system info in the ms dashboard and wait to see the text scroll to the kernal/bios number.....

K: 4034 - hoefully not 3994

On 4034 ver 1.0's a Messiah-X 11 wire mod can be fitted underneath fairly easily and will allow you too bot a slayer or evox disc to flash your ST or Hynix/Hyundai 1mb tsop - not sure about sharp tsop

The messiah ONLY works on 4034 ver 1.0 mobo's

others like the enigmah/xtender mods are 29 wires and wires MUST be cut just prior to flashing tsop but they can be used I think on the earlier 3994 bios - but check diagrams thouroughly

Where as the messiah-x though is only 11 not 29 wires to instal and DOESN'T need to have the wires cut when flashing tsop

After the tsop is flashed the mod can be removed

I would say use the 007 AUF method if you can get/borrow a mem card and 007 original game and somehow get the hack'd save on the mem card/hard drive

Or if you know someone that has a messiah-x and your mobo has the 4034 then perhaps consider that option rather than a homebrew or dip32 29 wire isnstall

end of the day if you can get the SST 3.3v cheapmod working then you may as well just leave than it there or buy other lpc mods that will do the job

as you got a ver 1.0 a cheapmod should be obtainable for about $10/Ģ10

you could split the tsop as you got a 1mb tsop but really think you need to read up a bit more on what you want to do

#3 SNAKE_0


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Posted 09 September 2004 - 08:00 AM

Please Help me.

#4 Pizza Pizz

Pizza Pizz

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Posted 09 September 2004 - 09:28 AM

you want a lpc modchip

almost any will do on a ver 1.0 - but would suggest using a wire install method

shouldn't recoment a mod but think the cheapmod or another modestly price modchip would be the duo-x modchip

search on google - bothese chips will reflash if/when needed via evox no problem

#5 SNAKE_0


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Posted 11 September 2004 - 06:03 AM

Thanks a lot Pizza Pizz.
So, anyone of the SST or Windbond W49F002U will function?

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