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Mechassault Exploit + New 120gb Hdd Questions!

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 07:45 PM

Hello everyone!

I decided to post this in the noob forum, because although I dont consider myself as a total noob, I dont want to step on any toes by posting in the wrong forum. Now, with that straight...

I was talking with one of my friends the other day and I was very interested in modding an xbox. I have seen it on multiple boxes (evolutionx, unleashx, avalaunch, etc), and have been reading extensively on the subject. However, there are still a few things I need cleared up.

Heres the situation... let me start out with a list of things that I have ready to go:

XBOX (duh)
120GB Western Digital 5400 RPM drive (BRAND NEW... got it in the mail yesterday)
Clear XBOX case (aftermarket)
2 Cold Cathode neons (thats saved for later)
EvolutionX3935.rar (includes all nessisary files im told)

And thats right, there was NO mod chip in that list. Now I realize alot of you are for mod chips, some arent, but I opted to go with the Mechassault soft mod, because one of my friends already has it on a memory card!! smile.gif

I have read the tutorials with the mechassault exploit but am still stuck. I have some small knowledge of soldering, and if I need help, I have someone to help me. Not a problem.

Let me just lay out what I want to do. I want to use the mechassault exploit to get into my xbox, install evolution x dashboard on the NEW hard drive (which Im still very lost on how to do that too) and start having fun with the system.

Some small questions that come to mind:

1. I downloaded craxion to put the evolutionx3935.rar files into an .iso file. I also burned the .iso file onto a CDRW using HP's RecordNow software. Just made a data disk. I also renamed the dashboard to default.xbe. My question is... am I doing this correctly?

2. After you load mechassault and load the save game... WHAT HAPPENS?? Do I have to restart and put in my boot cd with EvolutionX on it?

3. How do you use the unformatted, factory new hard drive and swap it out with the xbox hard drive? I have no clue and I have read a few tutorials so far... none of which really fit my situation.

A small, step by step guide would be absolutely awesome. I already have quite a bit of knowledge about this stuff... I just need maybe a 10 step, 10 sentence brief guide to get me through this. For example, this is what I *THINK* I need to do.

1. Get my copy of Mechassault, and the mechassault save game hack (which is already on on xbox memory card courtesy of my friend).

2. Load the savegame to the hard drive, boot up mechassault, and load the savegame. Turn off the xbox after the ????? screen.

(Im sorta lost on this step forward)

3. Hard swap the 120 gb hard drive with the current xbox hard drive. Stick in the burned, CDRW EvolutionX dashboard boot cd (.iso format, burned using RECORDNOW), and turn the xbox back on.

4. Wait for evolutionx to load everything on the new hard drive. At this point, I have the new hard drive and evolution x on the HD.

5. Turn off (duh) and take the motherboard out to solder the appropriate connections depending on xbox version. (any suggestions/links to a guide that shows pictures for each version)?

6. Put everything back together and start it up.

If everything is done correctly, evolutionx will be installed on the new 120gb hard drive, and the xbox will now boot to the evolutionX menu from now on.

This is what has become of my research from the past week. I have really put some time into researching this, and you vet xbox modders would really be doing me a huge favor by posting a step by step for me. Since I have no access to a computer at home, or at my friends house, I cant use FTP whatsoever...

Thanks everyone for your time.

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