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The Real Meaning Of Red/green Flashing!

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#1 Speedo


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Posted 08 August 2002 - 01:10 PM

GREEN/RED Flashing:
Probably a bad chip or bad image.

It says so in a tutorial. I would like to add a few things to that.

Ohh.. this is also for when the machine boots up 2-3 times and shutsdown and starts flashing RED.

My experience has told me that this also means bad soldering or solder to much solder on some wires.

It happens sometimes when you solder that it comes some solder outside the board and solderpoints. So if you get this flashing to this:

1. First check all wires. Test the machine

2. Check the WHOLE motherboard for solder that may have been spread during soldering. And I mean the WHOLE motherboard. Check near the solderpoints. Test the machine

3. Check all wires. Check so that they are very good looking. They should be like raindrops and not the Rocky Mountains where the points and wires connects.

4. Now... if it hasnt worked until now.. Check the WHOLE motherboard AGAIN to look for solder that should be where it is. And i promise you that you will never get to this point if you do a good job in number 2. This is where the problem usualy resides.

5. Remove all wires, use solderwick to remove all solderings. The board should look like it did when you first started. Test the machine to see if it boots when everything is clean, otherwise there are still solder that you havent seen, use a good lamp.

6. Ok.. The chip or image is bad. But hey.. atleast you have done everything to see that it wasnt. Change the chip. And if it doesnt work. Go thru 1-5 until it works or throw out your Xbox.

Dont forget to take breaks. They help alot. With a fresh mind you can discover alot of things you didnt see before.

Hope this will help some ppl who thought they were out of luck.


#2 stratjakt


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Posted 08 August 2002 - 04:36 PM

actually, 1st make sure you have completely reassembled the xbox

it flashes yellow if video isnt attached (which tricked me into removing a perfectly workint xtender tongue.gif)

it flashes red/green with the 'needs service' screen if theres a failure after the ATA bus is reset (ie, the dvd-rom or HDD isnt plugged in)

always check the simplest stuff first smile.gif and have a beer or a joint during those breaks

#3 BenJeremy


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Posted 08 August 2002 - 05:47 PM


At least not too soon... first check the connections against known points.

For myself, I had a DIP socketed Flash, and I compared line-for-line against the equivalent address and data lines on the TSOP Flash onboard.

This saved me a TON of trouble, as my points were all perfect (the problem was on a jumper on the socket itself - the last two points I had to check, no less)

Patience is the golden rule when doing this. I spent an hour checking my two hours of work from the previous night, and saved probably another two hours of resoldering points that didn't need to be resoldered at all.

#4 3tlk


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Posted 08 August 2002 - 09:36 PM

My suggestion, solder in a socket for HomeBrew. If it fails and you don't have a multi-meter then remove the chip from the socket. Then desolder the link wire from point 32 on the MB and the pad that is marked "Solder to pad 32).

Check if it boots up, this will give you an idea if you linked 2 points by accident.

#5 joshfiles


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Posted 15 August 2002 - 08:23 AM

How do you check line to line address to address with the onboard TSOP?, i have a multimeter, but i was just using it to make sure the resistance between the point on the board and the point on the chip was very very very low.

#6 deSnurf


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Posted 15 August 2002 - 12:44 PM

In stead of checking all kind of problems afterwards. Start by working properly. Don't put solder on your iron above the board!

Once the chip installed, check ALL connections with a multimeter, also do crosschecking. If you have a lot of soldering points immediatly next to each (like 1 to 8 on Enigmah), check that 4 on mobo makes connection with 4 on chip, but not with 3 and 5. This way you are sure you did not spill solder over more then 1 point....

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