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#1 skyjedi


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Posted 16 September 2004 - 02:59 PM

Fable NTSC
Big Blue Box
15 Sept 2004

Two words, F%#'n AWESOME

Now that i have played through the game a few time here is an update. I still love this game.

First off the graphics are amazing! From the wheat swaying in the grass to your berd swaying on your face everything is insanly detailed.

The combat in Fable is extremely simple yet it has the ability to be a great combat system. The two main weapons, a sword and a bow, are given to you in the training levels. Each weapon is automatically set to the white and black buttons. All you have to do is hit the appropriate button then attack, thatís it. Or is it....you can also block with each of the weapon, holding down the attack button longer for the bow allows the arrow to fly faster and with less of an arch causing more damage. While blocking you can roll around with the left thumb stick. This comes in handy to get behind an enemy and hit their unarmored backside.

Magic in the game also has a very accessible with the game pad. You hold down the left trigger and the a,b,x,y buttons become spells instead of melee or ranged attack buttons. Hold down the button with the spell of your choice and it is cast thatís it.

Targeting is very Zelda like. Hold down the left trigger and a red aura appears around your target. You can also hit the right thumb stick and the target get switched to the next, something that was missing and sorely needed in other games that utilized this kind of targeting system. Although you donít need to target your victim to attack. Hostile can be swung at and hit quite easily with melee without targeting. Although trying to hit a moving scarecrow with out targeting is a challenge.

I enjoyed the leveling system. There are three main pools of experience. Strength, Skill, and will. You gain Xp in each of this pool by killing enemys with the weapon attached to the pool, melee for strength, bow for skill, and magic for will. In the leveling window it will explain what a boost on a certian attribute will do along with a sweet miniclip of the action.

The amount of action your character can do is extremely apparent right off the bat. I could walk around and beat people up on a whim. Finding small side quests is a snap. Just talk to random people and they will ask you to do something. Early examples are finding a teddy bear, exposing a cheating husband, beat up a bully, and buying a gift for your sister. Each mission allows you to accomplish it in varieties of ways. For example you can find the cheating husband and he will then ask you to keep quiet about his adultery. If you do he will give you a gold coin. You will also receive your first bad deed. But you can also turn around and tell the wife about the husband and receive more money and a good deed. But this came at a price. Everyone in town knew what i had done and started making comments like "A diliquent today and fiend tommorow" or "that boy is nothing but trouble". So it is true that everything you do will be watched and it will affect you.

Like Kotor you can pick your side in this game. You can be the knight in shining armor (complete with halo) or the evil bastard that kills little girls (complete with horn that spout from you head). But becoming one of this takes a lot of practice. There are many levels toward begin good or evil and everything you do will shift you one way the other.

The menu system is tied to the d pad and is extremely easy to use. Hit the up and you can access food, weapons, among other things. The d-pad is also home to your expressions from laughing to smiling to farting you can do it all.

The depth of this game is incredible. you can talk to anyone and actaully read most anything, or you can blow past all this and complete the task at hand.

On the down side this game has been extremely easy so far. The training was a snap and the "final test" to become a Hero is a meager test to see if you understand the combat system. Also there is no character customization in the beginning. You just start the game. But the ability to get tatto's and hairstyle is alot of fun.

I have found that I could get through the game in <20 hours. But i would miss a lot of what makes this game great. From finding the silver keys, making the demon doors open, owning shoping, marrying and killing women, getting waste and puking, finding the time triggered events. Yes the game is easy, yes you can breeze through it, yes you can go from pure evil to pure good in a snap, and yes the ending "cienmas" are a huge let down. But the gameplay, combat, customization, sidequests, and interaction witht he npcs make up a lot.

So in closing if you're looking for a Final Fantasy on xbox this is not the game and you will hate it. But if your looking for a fun ADVENTURE game with some RPG elemets this game is awesome if you are willing to take your time. If you want a game that will hand you unlimited hours of gameplay this is not it. You will have to work to get to the best parts of the game.

Edit : updated

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#2 ziggyzboy


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Posted 16 September 2004 - 04:14 PM

well thats all well an good but the ending is shite dont beleive the hyype fable is a very ordainary game but if ur a sucker for lush graphics u will like it just dont expect it 2 b the ground breaking game u hoped for

#3 skyjedi


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Posted 16 September 2004 - 05:05 PM

I ahve heard that the story line is not the greastest but I can't really say cause i haven't seen them though. There are how ever multiple endings to the game. Or at least mutiple ending movies on the game disc. So if you dont like the ending you got maybe you should play a different way and get another ending.

Also I have also heard that the story line be it lacking on the stright forward quest, the story line and the extras in the side quests and the history of the land is quite interesting.

#4 ziggyzboy


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 11:27 AM

i have seen all the endings man it is crap i wouldn't waste money on it

#5 CaTcHa


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Posted 18 September 2004 - 12:01 AM

This game has really saddened me as I was really hoping for something special.

A very very ordinary game , way too easy , lost interest big time with the side quests and cant be arsed to finish it really just to see the movies.
Final fantasy series aint in danger laugh.gif

Looks like I may have to disembark to the PS2 again for decent rpg , such a wasted opertunity again and is getting to be the expected story on xbox of late.

If only they could do a deal with squaresoft , Peter Molineaux (sic) has done great stuff in the past and I loved black and white but this is pure trash .

Rent first before you buy , its not the long lasting rpg you may have been expecting , and is definately not "Two words, F%#'n AWESOME"
Im very very disapointed as you can probably gather sad.gif

#6 punchkidz


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Posted 18 September 2004 - 05:01 AM

i think its sad how somebody can beat a game soo many times to see all the endings within a few days....douche

#7 freakk123


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Posted 18 September 2004 - 02:35 PM

actually, i don't think that guy actually beat the game, or even has played it. He says
i have seen all the endings man it is crap i wouldn't waste money on it,
which leads me to believe he hasn't bought it/played it through, and has just seen the endings.

#8 whatsup3k


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Posted 18 September 2004 - 03:53 PM

Is it a challenging game or one i can get through in like a week? Also, do they have a 2 player on fable?

#9 Heet


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Posted 18 September 2004 - 05:48 PM

Ya its challenging. Its about as challenging as tying your shoes after a couple beers. I played the game for like 20mins then went and drank two beers and tied my shoes and it was about as difficult, thats how I know.

*I love the "lush graphics" comment. rotfl.gif rotfl.gif

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#10 ILLusions0fGrander


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Posted 19 September 2004 - 12:45 AM

well... ********spoiler**********

i have seen all the endings, all 2 of them, and they are both about 5 seconds long containing 5 words and no cgi or anything... real disappointment... but the game is fun to play at least

edit: and how the fuck is this guy gonna post a review after playing the training levels that last 20 minutes and have shit to do with anything? lol

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#11 CaTcHa


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Posted 19 September 2004 - 07:18 AM

QUOTE (whatsup3k @ Sep 18 2004, 04:56 PM)
Is it a challenging game or one i can get through in like a week? Also, do they have a 2 player on fable?

laugh.gif If you cant get through this in a week you need to see a doctor / pyschatrist or both , there would be something terminally wrong with your brain laugh.gif laugh.gif
1 day and it would be completed by my pet one legged , one winged blind pigeon , this aint no involved RPG here , the dude that reviewed it here posted his review after the training sessions and therefore not a good basis for a review in my opinion .

Grainy graphics and cut sequences just dont compete at all with Playstations Final Fantasy series and thats a real shame , this could have and should have been great.

Real P*SSED OFF that we still dont have a decent rpg

#12 bimtly


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Posted 19 September 2004 - 02:01 PM

this game is very disapointing and VERY VERY VERY overhyped

It makes me wonder how much the company paid ign for those big arse previews

Dont get me wrong I dont hate it

If you want a nice lengthed xbox rpg with some cool features and over all good play then you will like it

but dont think it is some incredible mind blowing life experience in anyway

#13 zboy2004


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Posted 19 September 2004 - 02:41 PM

QUOTE (punchkidz @ Sep 18 2004, 06:04 AM)
i think its sad how somebody can beat a game soo many times to see all the endings within a few days....douche

well actually man me an my brother bought it from eb the returned it 2 days later after we beat it
douche so get your facts right noob

#14 crobar


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Posted 19 September 2004 - 04:43 PM

hmmm i dont know what is more sad
the fact they you guys are braggin about beating this game so fast
or ripping on it cause its not your "ideal" rpg...

#15 cityson


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Posted 19 September 2004 - 05:35 PM

Talk about lame...Lionhead used to be my fav. game co. back in the days of Black and White...Dropping innocents with Godhand... cool.gif Anyway, so far all comments about Fable I heard are disappointing. Luckily I still have my PS2 so more Star Ocean and Final Fantasies for me.

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