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Piracy = Banned and Additional Backup Forum Rules

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Posted 24 September 2004 - 01:49 PM

Xbox-Scene Backup Forum Rules
Policies on piracy, backing up, posting, etc.

There has been a huge wave of piracy talk here in the Backup Forum lately. I don't know if it's the time of year, or an influx of new users but it has picked up substantially in the last few weeks.

Here are things that will result in an immediate and permanent ban on your account:
  • Xbox-Scene is not here to help you backup and/or burn or archive in any way games that you do not legally own! This includes rentals, borrowing, downloading, etc. Don't use excuses like the following:
    • My copy is scratched, lost or cracked so I downloaded.
    • I have the game preordered.
    • I have the game but I left it at a friend's house.
    • etc.
    Xbox-Scene will continue to support those of you who are looking to make copies of your legally owned games. Any mention of downloaded games, RAR files, .00x files, joining RAR files, etc. will result in a ban.
  • Any mention of a specific "release". Releases do not concern us at Xbox-Scene. There is only one release and it is called the "official" release. You can't miss it because it comes in a green plastic DVD case with an instruction booklet and original game disc.
  • Do not use the PM system for discussion of piracy. Do not offer to or request that someone PM you links to illegal files. All PMs are logged and easily monitored. Just because it doesn't appear on the main forum is not good enough. You will be banned for abusing the PM system.
  • Do not direct link to any XBE files, ROMs, Warez, etc.
  • Do not even link to any site that contains links to XBE files, ROMs, Warez, etc. The site will be filtered (if it isn't already) and you will lose your account.
  • Do not help out a pirate. If someone is discussing any of the above problems and you offer them help you could jeapordize your own account as well.
Things that will get your post moved, closed or deleted:
  • Posting off-topic discussion. This is the Backup Forum and your topic should contain Xbox issues. Not hardware issues, Dashboard issues, etc.
  • Posting yet another topic on the same problems with the same games: Amped 2, KOTOR, GTA Doublepack, Worms 3D, 007: Everything or Nothing, Fable etc. These games have been discussed and the problems have been answered time and time again. Please search the forum before starting another topic. Chances are if you are having a problem, others have had the same problem. PARTICULARLY with games that are months old.
For more information read the Xbox-Scene Forum Rules

If you aren't sure if your post violates the forum rules then DON'T post it. PM a moderator and ask them if the post violates forum rules first. You may be banned if you are in error and had posted in violation of the clearly posted rules.

There has been far too much abuse of this site lately. Xbox-Scene is an excellent resource for those of us who wish to make the most of our modded Xbox and backup our investments.

Also.. do not waste your time and ours.. discussing the legalities of backups, and piracy in your area, region, or municipality. We are not concerned. Some of our policy are based on legalities.. while others are based on the needs of this site to remain online and viable. This isn't a negotaible topic.

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