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Tsop Tutorials

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#1 Bleuz283


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Posted 24 September 2004 - 11:15 PM

I am a noob, and I need help Can anyone tell me how to start a TSOP flash w/o a mod chip I want to flash the xbox mobo not use a chip. I have read the tutorials and found them somewhat useless at this point, I need to know where to start and where to finish? The tutorials I've read jump into codes I don't know how to use and a bunch of other stuff. Do I flash before I solder or vs. ver? I've gotten as far as purchasing a new HDD and a soldler kit? But their useless until I figure out how to start? Can someone please help me out? Where do I get the equipment to test the flash and everything else or what else is needed?

#2 kazin1111


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Posted 27 September 2004 - 06:35 PM

First you need to choose the type of soft mod you are going to use to flash your box. I recommend using agent under fire or mecassault. (you have to have the old school versions of them) once aquireing either of those games. you need the exploited game saves. These game saves are just hacked versions of the game saves with evolution x or raincoat built into them. Depending on the version of your box you may need raincoat. Get a bios (recommend xecuter 2 bios for newbies) and put it in the bios folder of your game save. you need a way to get this game save to your xbox. Easiest if you have a homie with a hacked box. he can get it on his memorycard. transfer it to your retail hdd. Next solder the TSOP points (from your question I assume you can get those pictures) and put your box semi together. Load Agent underfire (or mecassault) and load game. Evox should boot up. click on flash bios. choose your bios It should say "Press Y to flash blah blah" press y. (you shouldn't get an error code here.)Wait until it turns itself off. Congrats you have a hacked box. to put your hdd in you should use slayers auto installer. Place the slayers disk in your drive. (put it on a cdrw) put in the new hdd, and the slayers disk will now boot. choose install large hdd. (or upgraded hdd, don't remember which is stated) wait until its done. take out the disk and your new hdd is correctly installed.

if you have to use raincoat send me a message.

Agent under fire- can be found at your local game resellers. 15$.
Game save- "Usual places"
bios- "usual places"
Slayers- "Usual places"

any questions send me a message. ^^

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