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Bitch, Bitch, And More Bitching

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Posted 25 September 2004 - 02:01 AM

I’ve been sitting on this editorial for awhile now for a number of reasons. I had much of the body written, mostly as separate disjointed ideas/essays, but didn’t know how I would lead into it. I decided that since much of the content of those individual articles had a similar vein to them, I’d wrap them together here.

As the title suggests I’m talking about Bitching. More specifically, the frequency of bitching that occurs in this scene, and to whom it gets directed to. It would appear that a great number of people who come onto the site, and/or into the channel to bitch about a given topic, are only around to do just that. Most of these people are inactive the rest of the time, and/or do not contribute in any helpful manner to the scene, it’s members, or to the online community as a whole.

Start the engine…

“Xbins… these guys are running a monopoly..”

Maybe it’s true, but I really don’t think so. If they are who gives a shit? There is nothing they are doing that someone else “couldn’t” do.

Xbins, for all intents and purposes is the single biggest, best, and safest repository of scene related files archived on the net. We’ve all seen others come and go and promise to have more files, better access, etc. Instead what we see is competing sites that go up and down faster than Michael Jackson’s Pants in a Pre Teen Day-Camp. Why? Because once someone starts to host any of the popular files in this scene they quickly realize that hosting files in this scene is not for the faint at heart and that terabytes or more are needed in trafficking bandwidth alone, forget the storage.

So, all the big mouths that whine and cry about Xbins monopoly on file storage in this scene, you’ve all come and gone like a hooker in the night after 6 hours and 10 Johns later. Xbins however, is still here, and for the most part the same core people are still running it and maintaining it. What’s more, the repository is safe. There has never been an issue with a damaging file being hosted there. (you can’t say that about some other scene sites, some of which have posted what they thought was damaging on purpose) Not that Xbins makes any guarantees, but the odds of a bad file being anonymously posted there is virtually zero since most authors deposit their own works, or make arrangements with staff there directly.

I’d like to point out the clowns who are continuously pissed off with Xbins staff, who pop up weekly on XS and on irc and try to promote their new xbox file serving sites on their glorious tripod or similar hosted sites, grow up and get a life. Having 10 guys connect, download 5 MB worth of files from your BS sites and watch your site getting crippled in it’s first 10 minutes of life on the net is not only a joke it’s an embarrassment. Instead of wasting time making and hosting these bogus sites for the 7 seconds of life they exist, why not put your time towards something more constructive.

“Why did Xbins ban me for downloading so much…”

Well, they do clearly post their rules. All you had to do was look them over and not be a lazy leech. Their initial bans are temporary and lift after a short period of time. If you are dumb enough to hit the tripwire a second time you more than deserve what you get. The limits they’ve imposed aren’t selfish, or overbearing. Those limits ensure they can serve the community, and help to ensure that when you actually NEED a file, you can get to it.

If you are new to the scene, and just starting out you shouldn’t be downloading 6 different dashboards and a dozen game organization tools in the same day anyways. (Although, you could given the imposed limits.) Take your time, learn each new tool you download, figure out what you do and don’t need then hit up Xbins for what you do.

Xbins will remain up and online as long as people don’t abuse the service, and the staff are willing and able to keep it up.

“.. all those guys with Staff/xbins are assholes…”

Well, I’m sure not everyone associated with Xbins is charming 100% of the time, but I wouldn’t call any of them assholes. Try walking a mile in their shoes before opening your mouth. Consider for a moment just how many of you (who all claim to not be new to irc, ftp, or to the scene) that go to them each day and bitch and whine how you got a temp ban or why can’t you download more etc.

Worse, a handful of you seem to take pride and joy sitting back, and waiting for one of these staffers to come online, just so you can sit back and throw around back handed comments about them, their families, and their lifestyles. Pretty petty. Must be nice to sit online for six or eight hours and wait in ambush to attack or harass Xbins staff. Even worse than that, some people with their real and or pretend spouses sit online and work double / tag team action to harass Xbins staff.

Here’s a novel idea, leave them alone, and start your own server. Most of the big mouths claim to have or can get access to the necessary hardware and bandwidth to put up their own competing server. It’s not like we’ll ever see it really happen, cause like the gutless wonders they are, they prefer to sit behind their Proxies and IP masks and dish it out from a safe distance usually overseas. I could list them all by name but that won’t change the fact that they’ll continue to sit comfy, permantly placed in their recliners while their backsides continue to leave a deeper impression in their chairs each passing day. Sitting day and night behind their uber awesome pc’s, with their elitist and self absorbed personalities tucked neatly into that ever shrinking space between their ever growing backsides and their chair. All the while, cursing their mothers for shrinking their clothles again. (while their moms tell them to get up, go out and get a job, and their dads tell them to go out, get a job, and a real girlfriend, or in the case of some of you.. a real boyfriend.)

Xbins really doesn’t need me defending them. Truth is the Xbins service works so well that despite the petty and ignorant people who cry foul of the service, it’s staff, or the apparent monopoly position it holds in this scene, the fact remains the service works.

Shifting gears…

“.. those Xecuter delayed the chip again.. what a bunch of liars..”

This is some pretty funny shit to read every month. Not because Xecuter has had a lot of delays in releasing the most anticipated chip in a long time, but because people seem to take this issue so personally. (yes.. there have been numerous delays, some they’ve explained.. some they haven’t.)

There is really only a handful of individuals who should be upset or pissed off if there are continued delays… and that is the Team itself, it’s testers, and maybe the official resellers. If you are sitting at a table and you got 3 xbox’ to mod for your redneck buddies or your bosses nephew and you are going to sit online and criticize TeamXecuter about yet another delay regarding their new flagship chip you should get your head out of your ass.

Really, it’s just a chip. That’s all it is. If you got “orders” waiting for that delayed chip, than that’s your own ignorance and business mismanagement. Either learn to manage your business better, or stop making promising you can’t keep.

“ oh.. but they promised it by ‘x’ date..”

So what!

You are going to hold a modchip company to your schedule? You must think a lot of yourself and you’re importance in the world. Good luck holding companies to a schedule, when their business is making chips that piss of people who make consoles, and circumvent local laws and violate numerous international laws. I’m pretty sure that people making chips, don’t really care if Joe from Milwaukee is pissed that a scheduled ship date has slipped. Save you energy and your breath.

I can understand people going to their dry cleaners, who have your lucky suite and complaining cause it wasn’t done on Thursday like they said. I can understand the fat and obese who go to McDonalds daily and cry because their Extra Big Fries were under that heat lamp 2 minutes too long. But to expect a modchip company, one that is making money selling chips to resellers, who THEN sell them to you is pretty moronic and a waste of time in my book.

Internally I’m sure all the key people in Xecuter work hard to get that chip out on time. In the meantime, if you can’t wait for that chip, they do sell the world’s leading modchip. Shove that into your xbox. Shove that into your redneck buddies xbox. Shove that into your Bosses nephews’ xbox. Do you really think, that when reps from TeamXecuter read our forums, and see user “JoeDon’tKnow” post threads like “Xecuter sucks dude cause they’re late again” or “X3 vapourware” that they are going to even remember your name? or that it matters that for whatever self important reason you are pissed off cause they are delayed again? Get over yourself.

If you are really pissed off with them save your time, and better yet your money and buy from a competitor. Xecuter won’t miss you or your “support”. They’d rather get the chip out later and working than early/on time and buggy. They’ve always maintained that policy and I’m sure they always will.

The whining fanboy’s and their bitches who cry every time there is a delay in hardware, software, or manufacturing with that chip really should take the dildo out of their collective butts, and maybe place it in their mouths instead. They seem fixated on distributing their oral garbage on XS and TX forums, maybe a dildo in their mouth will satisfy their fixation on producing and posting so much oral garbage.

TeamXecuter is the number one producer of chips in this scene. That bothers some of these flaky and disturbed people who sit online intent to tarnish that name. (TX might not be angels, but then again no one really is in this scene) Leave them alone, watch the news posts, and wait for what will come. Those of you wanting chips will get them. Those of you wanting to stir up trouble to claim your 5 seconds of “fame” should take up a better hobby that is more fulfilling like needlepoint or pottery. Needlepoint might suite some of you “nit”picky bastards best, but that is just my opinion.

Shifting into 2nd..

“…. Xodus split again.. wtf is up with that? .. and this must mean there is something terribly wrong with them and their chips..”

This one is a bit more complicated but it comes out equally funny, and interesting.

Xodus once upon a time had a working relationship with an online retailer who helped get those chips to the public. For many reasons, some public, and some not so public that relationship was dissolved. Key people from Xodus hooked up with another outfit, a small time chip maker, and formed a new organization and produced the popular Xenium line under their alliance. As one sided as that alliance may have been given the past sales of Xodus Chips versus the little known outfit they merged with, the alliance failed, marking xodus’second failed business merger in a year’s time.

Well despite the merger decisions of the last year, it has not altered the fact that Xodus with or without partners still represent the major competition in this scene for modchips. Xodus, in it’s many incarnations has always enjoyed being the second largest chip producer in the xbox modchip scene. So much so that third is pretty distant and pretty non-competitive.

They produced some interesting chips this year, releasing the scene’s first OS driven chip, and had to deal with a lot of issues. Cloners took a shot at destroying them, but once exposed, the clone chips, and many of the clone sellers had to retreat with their tails tucked up tight their collective asses.

“ .. Xenium Xos ‘x’ delayed again.. blah blah blah..”

Who hasn’t seen some of these posts and remarks on irc? It’s had plenty of delays, and a lot of people have had some legitimate concerns about waiting for a new build to fix an existing issue. From all reports, work is being done at a feverous pace; using the manpower and resources they have at hand. Keep in mind that they are the major competition to the number one producer. They maintain that position, and have improved their share somewhat, while not actually having the same time, money and resource of the number one producer.

The legitimately concerned people, will shortly have an update.

Not unlike Xecuter, Xodus has it’s whiny anti-Xodus cheering section. You’ve all seen them, and they are just as focused and irritating as the anti-Xecuter cheering section. Maybe more so at times. Same type of people, sit and wait for delays and problem to arise, just so they can insert their 2 cents, and get their 5 seconds of exposure. Some have become so good at it, that others mistakenly give these people respect, as if these noisy mouthy people actually know what they are talking about, or worse, that they are “insiders” and should be respected. It’s easy for new people in the scene to mistakenly give the second chorus respect, and many times it is assumed just because someone was there before, they must be important or respected. (which at times is one of the worst myth’s in this scene)

To maintain their share of the market after the first split, some might say Xodus was too quick and hasty to merge with the small guys. (true) But the results was the quick release of the first OS driven chip on the market. The weeks that followed showed that the OS was less than ready for prime time. Members of their team worked to fix the bugs, and eventually revised the OS altogether, taking many users complaints and suggestions to heart, releasing a much improved product

Course, those eager nerds, you know who they are, the ones with their cute names, fancy proxies, and apparent lack of life returned. Pointing fingers at Xodus, singing the ‘nah nah’ song, and rejoicing in new bugs as they popped up. Funny, that these same people never seem to open their mouth later when the bugs are squashed. Why? In many case the whiners never OWNED a chip. (gasp! Yes, it happens. Some people are shit disturbers!)

Like so many of these bored online kiddies, they entertain themselves and being picky bitchy bum-pumpers. (how’s that for an HSD quote..) You won’t see these people doing anything but bitch. It’s pretty much what they do, and what they are good at. I suppose anything that keeps these people from committing suicide is a good thing, but that is a topic for another editorial.

So, what have Xodus accomplished? Despite the bruising they took from loyal customers for some minor bugs, and the smack in the face from cloners (which Xodus later decimated with their os updates) and the continuous bitchfest they get in their right ear from the moron squad of whiners they are still the main competition. From what I hear only bigger and better times are ahead.

Upshift into 3rd…

“.. Smartxx Orange.. what next? Pink, Yellow, Purple or Green wtf?...”

Apparently, it’s ok for other chip producers like Xecuter and Xodus to make color variants of their chips for purely aesthetic reasons, but not for producers outside the top 2 producers? Nerds high on E, using their moms Macs, and their Daddy’s AOL accounts now spend their XS forum and IRC time bitching about a color variant that fits a season? Incredible.

Who cares. It’s a marketing gimmick. They are a 3rd place chip producer. They are here to make money and try to earn market share. If you don’t like the chip, send them a message on their board. Better yet, send them a message with your wallet and simply not buy a color variant that has no new features if you think it’s lame. Are you people so bored and anal that you’ll now critique and damn a chip for nothing more than it’s color scheme?

I got news for all of the whiners, expect more, not less, color variants from all the chip producers. Why? Some people will actually buy a new chip just for the color. That’s reason enough. You don’t have to like it. The other major reason, exposure. Anyone who has followed the XS news page knows we will post news on products and variations on existing products. Make a new color for an existing chip and I or Xantium will post it on the news page. That’s pretty much a guarantee.

Once the news is posted on XS news page, the XS “effect” kicks in and interest is generated. The chip producers know this, the xs staff know this, and only the dimmest of our readers are oblivious to this fact.

If you want to find something to bitch about when it comes to the SmartXX, try something a little more technical or in-depth or behind the scenes even. Attacking the pcb color scheme is just lame and lacking any imagination. Why not call up, or write to Ford and tell them “the Yellow on the new Mustang Sucks dude”

That would be a better use of your time.

4th gear stick a bit..

“.. ‘x’ ripped off THC dash…”

As dirty a subject as that was, it in some ways was never properly resolved. It took digging by the original THC people to get the other team to admit they lifted or didn’t give credit for entire segments or components they used in their “dashboard”

So, now there is a fractured dev scene, with the original THC team in it’s current incarnation, and other splinter teams that have at one time or another used THC work. (granted, some teams after exposure, have taken effort to remove THC components, or to better document what they are using or lifting)

That isn’t the retarded part. Enter stage right: morons with their points of view.

“ .. ‘x’ dash is better..” or “.. look we made circles or orbs where THC didn’t…”

I think it’s astounding what some people will consider a “feature”. I also find it more astounding to see people line up on each side as if this is a real war, declaring their love, devotion, and eternal servitude to the original hacked Dash or the Johnny come lately with the less than honest/stellar history.

People are free to think what they will and to take sides if that floats their boats. In the past, we saw where most of the innovative things came from. From the looks of stuff THC is sitting on, we know who will continue to dev and innovate as far as the hacked dash scene is concerned. Course, I fully expect that those other dashboard guys will make a release and herald some new gimmick like pyramids instead of orbs.

Eagerly awaiting THC Dash updates, and then I’ll eagerly await all the rest of the other hacked msdash’s, that will update AFTER the THC update is released. (“bring me my pyramids and other lame shapes.. orbs suck dude…”)

Note: there are some Hacked MS Dash groups doing original work, while using some stuff lifted from THC.. but at least they were open an upfront regarding the usage. (which is the way things should be done)

5th gear and coasting…

There is so much bitching in this scene, and not enough time or space to document it all. I could easily double this post and not break a sweat, but an hour and a half is already to much time bitching about people who spend all their time bitching. If I feel inclined to vent some more about morons who turn XS into a bitchfest I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new topics to cover…

www.xbox-scene.com & forums.xbox-scene.com

(disclaimer: as always, the points of view are my own, honest, factual in content, and no one held a gun to my head, and the comments here are uncensored cause I don’t give a shit what anyone really thinks.)

“now put the gun down.. I did good…”



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Posted 29 September 2004 - 01:45 AM

I'd like to thank people for all the pm's regarding this story. It isn't necessary though.. but I have enjoyed the feedback from it. Expect more when something strikes me.


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