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Being Out The Scene For A While, Few Questions

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#1 woody2k2


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Posted 29 September 2004 - 09:47 PM

not touched the xbox for a couple of years, but now getting back into the scene and getting my box tomorrow.

first things first. the chip, i plan to get an xbit, i dont see how the exectuer 3 adds any real features apart from the LCD feature, is there anything else i should be made aware of?

also, XBMC didnt even exist in my day, but its looks pretty damn good. what i want to do is have xbmc as my dashboard, but then from within that load another dash for loading games from the hard dirve.

which dash or which setup would you recommend for doing this?

also i was using the very very first release of evo-x in my day, and everytime u added a new game to the hard drive you had to manual edit the config file to tell it where to launch the game from etc, do you still have to do this in modern dashes or not?

thanks in advance

#2 Nightfire-Player


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Posted 29 September 2004 - 11:22 PM

For your last Q about the game paths - the answer is no you dont.

#3 Shadowblade


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Posted 30 September 2004 - 12:10 AM

Use avalaunch for the dashboard.

#4 MMXMonster


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Posted 30 September 2004 - 02:13 AM

Why not reverse it and have Evox as your dash with a few well placed lines in the INI any game you load to the drive will automatically show up in the menu. Then load XBMC when you need it? Well with all these advancements in Xbox technology, you must feel quite out of touch, huh Grandpa... "In your Day" I had to laugh at that one. How long has the Xbox been around to begin with?

If you want to feel old or test your age...

Do you remember when computer storage involved a data cassette recorder. How about when someone said floppy disk actually meant "FLOPPY DISK". Building a computer involved a company called Heathkit. You know how to telenet. You know what a BBS was... how about a Sysop. Modems didn't trasmit in KBs instead they did bps (For you kiddies out there that was Bits Per Second)Ever use a wargames dialer? Know what a BLUE BOX or RED BOX was used for? How about SPRINT CODES. How about this one... AOL gave away 20 free hours... and you knew how to bypass the system so you could get a whole weekend free wink.gif (Its now up to like 2Months Free). Do you remember when Compuserve was entirely TEXT based. The only graphics you saw were in ASCII format. "Backing up" Commodore software involved daisy chaining 2 disk drives, Fast Hackem Software and an Ice Pick Catridge and you were invincible. Gaining access to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission System WASN'T illegal in my day... The laws hadn't been created yet anticipating such things. It was regarded as a friendly joyride of the system. (Provided no data was corrupted otherwise the closest law on the books was malicious vandalism.) How about the first CDrom drives... they were external and the size of a VCR (not to mention they only had one speed)

So watch it when you say "In my day" or you going to make me feel like I could be Yodas father. sad.gif

Hmmm now where did I put my teeth...

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