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Half The Hd Isd Gone?

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#1 potna


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 04:17 AM

ok i have a xbox with a soft mod using phonix bios loader and it attepts to use evox dash but i snuck in and installed avalaunch and renamed it to default .xbe
everything works great...hell it even boots to my dash of choice......

ok heres the problem: just about to do a remote ftp and i noticed that there was not the 250 gb available or even close to that....something like half perhaps 130gb or so...

on a side note i was modding 2 boxes last night same everything as far as xb version and mod method and hd upgrade and they both turned out this way (missing avail space)

i reformatted, ensured that g was not partitioned and if so was is it enabled...
no ...and no...i have a cuople chiped boxes so i borrowed the chip to unlock,,lock and used the "hd upgrade wizard" to formatt, partition and copy dir's over to the bigger drive (exenium ice chip) via the chip

i have other bios but i dont know where to put them or if they are the right ones...maybe this damn pbl only supports up to a certain hd spec....

i have been reading like mad researching like crazy....it seems as if there may be some issue with the bios i am using....the only real problem that i have had since i been involved in this community is that the tuts are freakin everywhere and they are sometimes outdated and there are so many, i repeat many unfamiliar methods of getting the same one thing done that a dummy like me gets confused often...but i always learn something ..i guess if i could just streamline this learning thing this one time .............cough cough...help please

#2 001438


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 05:22 AM

There are certain Bios' needed for Hdds larger than 128 (or some number like that).

#3 potna


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Posted 04 October 2004 - 08:51 AM

well this method of moding doesnt seem as cut and dry as a chip mod...i mean i can usualy look at files and half ass understand their function but i dont even know what this method is technicaly called or how it works and where all the damn files went that installed this mod. i never even saw a evox which i know was there as it was the default dash perhaps i am over simplifying this but i am struggling with a start on this one. i have dl'ed mad bios and mad utilties read again for another 5 hrs tonight and i am still proabbaly only about 10% closer to thinking that i may have a clue that i perhaps need to learn something more about "bios" ...i think...i may be a dummy but i have put my work into this and i have moded a total of 4 boxes now...its all been realtively intuative untill this point.

i have learned that no matter how bad i screw up this upgraded hd (250) its no prbm to fix via a couple diff methods...which lean heavily on my chips form other boxes...

this method of modding realy has its benifits espicaly for me since i have 2 other chiped boxes to lean on but i dont feel the love here....i just wish that there wasnt so many variables...hell i dont even know what variables to throw into this equasion* kernals...bios....hd capacities...bfm's, pbl's, dash's, xml's, exploits, ude's which of course all have there own library of .ver's, updates, hacks, tools, and each have their own dynamic existance ...some things work together but apparently what ever my combination isnt a feasible one ....etc etc...
i dont mean to comlain but i have asked and defintly looked i ' ll bet a good 12hrs now...hell 5 hrs just tonight...but i just cant seem to get this xbox to see all the damn hd...please help...i am about to offer a freakin reward....ok maybe not, but still....any ideas and solid ones at that would be greatly apprecited..

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