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X-box Error Codes And Lights 101

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Posted 13 October 2004 - 08:51 AM

First I'll cover the error codes in detail then the lights.

Sadly the previous definitions I asked permission to post from the so called owner wasn't the owner at all grr.gif . So I am rewriting the defs from the ground up. I will slowly start from the beginning and my sincerest appologies to the person who brought this to my attention.

If you are a mod preparing to delete this post it is not necessary I have removed all of the material in question.

Well I've completed the rewriting process it took a couple of hours but its MINE smile.gif .

1 - bootldr

Unknown check the motherboard

2 - bootldr

Eeprom check failed replace the eeprom or the whole mobo and hdd combo.

3 - bootldr

not used

4 - bootldr

Ram check failed replace the faulty ram chips or replace the whole mobo.

5 - kernel

HDD not locked the xbox TSOP requires the hdd to be locked this usually occurs when you use a modchip to unlock the hdd and forget to lock it get into your modchip OS and lock it.

6 - kernel

Cannot unlock HDD this error usually occurs when you install a new hdd on an old xbox mainboard this will not work unless you have the old x-box mobos eeprom take it off the old mobo and install it on the new one or unlock this hard drive and relock it to the system you intend to use it on. This also can occur if the eeprom has been reflashed and lost the hdd code.

7 - kernel

HDD timeout this basically means that the xbox was able to locate the hdd but its not responding. This error usually is a serious hdd malfunction junk the hdd and get a new one.

8 - kernel

No HDD found this ones pretty self explanitory either theres no hdd in the xbox or either its power or ide cables are not connected if the latter is fine then get a new hdd.

9 - kernel

HDD parameters (PIO/DMA) this error is attributed to the hard drives ability to send and recieve data either replace the hdds logic board or get a new one.

10 - kernel

DVD timeout this means that the x-box found the dvd drive but was unable to communicate to it so the mobo times out. Replace your dvd drive or logic board.

11 - kernel

No DVD Found this ones pretty self explanitory either theres no dvd drive in the xbox or either its power or ide cables are not connected if the latter is fine then get a new dvd.

12 - kernel

DVD parameters (PIO/DMA) this error is attributed to the dvd drives ability to send and recieve data either replace the dvd drives logic board or get a new one.

13 - kernel

Dashboard launch fail due to missing/bad key and the dashboard didn't say why it failed.

14 - dashboard

Error loading dashboard this is a dashboard generic error.

15 -

not used

16 - dashboard

Other files to do with dashboard or the dashboard settings this is a specific
dashboard error

17 -

not used

18 -

not used

19 -

not used

20 - kernel

The dashboard had attempted to load and failed; The xbox was booted from a complete stop another words a cold boot, and the dashboard didn't say why it failed, however it needed to be known that the dvd passed the challenge/response authentication.

21 - anywhere

This error says that the xbox was booted to display an error, someone told the machine to reboot (or launch a xbe x-box executable) with this flag, and the error code just means its been rebooted by it.

Error Lights 101

Green/Red Flashing -

This is known as the Christmas lights or FRAG frequent red and green error.

Most of the time the screen is blank and if you were doing work recently such as modchipping this could be caused by solder splashes on the mobo or a shot MCPX chip. Removing the MCPX chip is impossible without very expensive equipment so if you can't find any solder splashes or you weren't soldering on the board junk the whole board.

Solid Green However you have no audio video or eject functions -

This is usually has to do with a blown or improperly flashed TSOP bios check the board for solder splashes or wire bridges those people at the xbox linux project found a way to reflash your TSOP and if you see wires or solder from wires removed the TSOP either is linux ready or was destroyed in the attempt you can try and install a modchip if you see no signs of the latter and you should be good as new.

Solid Green However you have no audio video but you can eject -

Well this problem is usually caused by a bad AV cables replace the AV cables and you should be fine.

Orange and Green Flashing -

Well this error is specifically telling you the xbox can't find an AV cable connected to this unit if you do have one then odds are your AV cable is damaged (a frayed or damaged wire). Replace your AV cables and your good to go.

Orange Flashing -

If you've just finished modchiping check the board for solder splashes and remove any you find. This error usually only occurs with novice solderers that don't practice first and pick an expensive board to learn on. Get out your desoldering braid and clear any splashes you find.

Orange/Red Flashing -

You've got a better chance of hitting the lottery then having this code but it happens during mod attempts check pin 5 on your lpc port for a broken trace if you find one fix it by bridging the break with a wire. You will notice small circular traces where a 30 AWG wire can be inserted find the nearest one towards the beginning of the trace and the end and put a wire and (bridge) them.

To prepare the wire tin it with solder insert it in the circular trace heat up the solder and the wire will go into the hole and solder will solidify and your done.

Thats all I have for you I hope you find this useful biggrin.gif .

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 11:56 PM

This user has been warned that lifting guides without giving due credit is lame.. and won't be tolerated. Hopefully he takes the time to show us HIS work in any future efforts he makes on XS.

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