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Question About Xbox 1.6 And Hdd Swapping........

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:21 AM

I'am using Xbox 1.6 Softmodded.

Now i have a plan to upgrade my hdd to bigger one but i have some questions.

---------------1.Is Xbomhdm 1.9 compatible with xbox 1.6 , can i get correct HDD key using this program ?

I used to ask this question Here and DaddyJ reply me that ONLY xboxhdm 1.9 can be used to generated the correct key.

But i found this Thread People in that thread said that Even use xboxhdm 1.9 , the hdd key still wrong , and Live info is NOT support xbox 1.6 .

Is it true ?

---------------2. When i want to upgrade HDD , i have to clone it to new HDD , right ?
But before i can access my Xbox HDD with PC , i have to unlock it by unlocking program , Right ?

And If i want to keep the old one for backup , If my 1st question is ture (1.9 is not 100% compat with xbox 1.6) and i don't want to risk by Unlock the old HDD (for cloning purpose) .

I've heard that i can build Xbox HDD from scratch using xboxhdm 1.9 if i have the needed file , is it right ?

So what file is needed to build the HDD , can i just FTP ALL FILES in C: and E: from my Xbox HDD and put it in XBOXHDM1.9 's C: and E: folder ?

Then make a Bootable Cd to boot my PC with NEW Xbox HDD connected and choose "Create Xbox HDD" Option , will this work?

The reason i don't want to clone HDD is
I don't want to Unlock OLD Xbox HDD since i'am not sure that HDD key that Xboxhdm generated for me is correct . If Xbox hdd is unlocked (before clone) and Relock WITH WRONG HDD KEY , My hdd is UNUSEABLE with Xbox.

So i think it is safer to using Create Xbox HDD function in XBOXHDM , since my Old HDD is Untouch , if something worng happen , i can just swapp the Old one back in Xbox to make it work again.

Thanks for your replies.

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Posted 26 October 2004 - 05:34 AM


Anyone PLEASE help me.

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