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X2.6 Help

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Posted 03 November 2004 - 10:50 PM

i just got a used xbox and it is a 1.0 i was looking and the x2.6 is a good chip and is preety cheap so here is what i need help on. Is the tutorial for this chip the 2.6light? and if it is i was looking at it and i was wondering do i need to take out all the solder from the LPC holes and if i do, do want the wire from the chip to be soldered to the silver ring of the LPC hole or in it or can i not take the solder out of that hole that the wire is going to and just connect the wire to the solder. and for the "do" point on top of the bord can i just tape it down or do i have to solder it or can i just stick it in the "do" point hole like on solderless adapter and if i do have to solder it those little lines going every where they are kinda yellowish if i get solder on them by accedent while soldering the "do" point is that a big problem and one more thing on soldering if i do have to take out the solder from the LPC holes i know i should use de soldering braid how do i use that people have told me just cut some braid off put it on the solder u want to take off and then put your soldering iron over that and let it heat up and it will suck up the solder well i have done that and i have held it there for a little while and it will not suck up can u help me

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