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Help With Avalaunch

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#1 Impulse7


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Posted 04 November 2004 - 02:08 AM

Hey guys,

First of all, I have read the manual, I have read most of the topics on this forum but nothing refers to the problems I'm having.

Situation : Sent Xbox off to get modded by a mate, total software mod, installed new 120GB HDD as well.

I got the box back with avalaunch Alpha v.0.49.1 installed. Everything works OK on the box, I have some "backed up games" installed on there such as Kung Fu Chaos and that loads and runs fine but when I stick a Movie DVD in the Drive, Avalaunch Tells me "Loading DVD" then switchs back to the Avalunch Logo, and then tells me "Loading DVD", switchs back to logo... endless loop.

I can get a DVD movie to play by loading up XBMC and then sticking the DVD in, then it loads automatically, but it loads JUST the movie, not the Menus or Extras. Also, the xbox remote works differently in XBMC? is it supposed to do that? (eg, Skip forward and Back are now the two Left and Right Green Directional buttons, the two skip buttons do nothing).

The other problem is with Games I want to play normally, from the disc. EG Tony Hawk Underground. I stick it in, it brings up the DVD icon at the top right of the window, I click on it, it tells me its loading the game, The game starts but gets stuck just before the menu comes up. I believe this is when It try's to read saved games from the HDD, and with the change in partitions etc it might have trouble finding saved games, or loading them for that matter.

N e one give me any tips? If I need to install a new copy of Avalaunch could some one give me a link to it (I know HOW to do it, I read the manual, I just don't have it).


#2 Impulse7


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Posted 04 November 2004 - 01:26 PM


Still no one has replied, I need help. Just letting you know, my idea about the saved files being corrupted was correct, deleted the THPS saves and the games boot, infact all games boot (even ones that I taken off my HDD, created an .ISO with Quix, awesome program, and burnt to DVD). So my only hassel is the DVD playback. I read up on XBMC, so I know it's working the way it should, still I have the endless looping problem from above (this also happens when I load the MS dashboard and try it there, same exact this happens).

Please help someone smile.gif


#3 jim80b


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Posted 04 November 2004 - 02:18 PM

the problem is your mate has not installed the MS xbox dash (you know that green thing you had before).
this plays the dvds.....

ftp in and check the c partition for xboxdash.xbe. there should also be more folders which i cant remember at the moment
(at work sorry)

you can find these but i am not gona tell u where
you should already know

reinstall it and dvds will be ok again

(your mate may have only renamed the orignal xboxdash.xbe and replaced it with the ava one. if so find the name and put it in the avalaunch.xml. you will see where)

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