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Xbox Serial Number Help

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#1 jasran


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 09:55 PM

Hey guys,
I got my xbox modded w/o a modchip and now my dvd drive wont read games that i put in...the guy told me that it has a virus...and i've tried reading up on it and it doesnt seem like its even possible so i think he's bs'n me..N e wayz, my question is when I buy a xbox from a store, do they scan the serial number of the actual xbox because I want to buy a xbox, switch the consoles and return it so I get a free xbox..u guys think its possible??
Thanks in advance

#2 BlackRanger3d


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 10:01 PM

The virus thing is crap. The guy is full of it.

You thieving pirate. May your Xbox, and all your xbox's to come over heat and explode.

Dude seriously that is so low class.

But anyway to answer your question. Yes the serial is scanned in. Also the owners of electronic stores know that people mod Xbox's and break them. So they always

- match serial numbers to the box
- and check the seals.


#3 jeeproject


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 10:11 PM

QUOTE (jasran @ Nov 8 2004, 10:58 PM)
I want to buy a xbox, switch the consoles and return it so I get a free xbox

If you do this you are a theiving piece of shit. Also is it too hard to make complete sentences instead of one sentence/paragraph?

#4 deacon187


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 10:18 PM

its not righ tto do this but hey im sure a few people on these boards have done it

if you do decide to do it go to wallmart as they are pretty dumb on this sort of stuff

bestbuy or circuit city will actually open it up and plug it in and all that goood stuff

wallmart is usually no questions asked, and when i bought a new xbox from best buy a month ago they just scanned the barcode on the box, nothing with the serial number so as long as all the barcodes are the same on all the xboxs on the shelf i dont think you have to worry about that

#5 defmonk


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 10:32 PM

Most pirates aren't clever enough to pull it off, however, I did think of a few ways it could work... uhh.gif

My situation is that I bought my xbox from Best Buy and bought the extended warranty plan because my last one blew out with a red/green flashing light within the first month I had it (didn't even open the case - didn't know about modding then) and was able to replace the unit free of charge because of my in-store replacement plan thing, so anyway...

Buy a busted xbox off of ebay blink.gif (make sure the case and everything is intact. Then just switch the casing from one to the other.

This method eliminates the serial number matching problem since now the case of the one you actually bought is now housing the busted ohmy.gif guts of another xbox (they don't open the cases to look at the internals).

The only issue now is coming up with a legit (sounding) laugh.gif excuse as to why you are returning it after just having bought it.

I was considering using this method just to see if it would work, but I didn't want to be called a pirate. ph34r.gif

Anyway, if you couldn't think that one up on your own, you don't deserve a new xbox for busting up your shitty one.


#6 Baird


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 10:37 PM

Umm when i screwed my box the first chip i tried to install i called EbGames they said come and i did they gave me a new one free of charge smile.gif laugh.gif also i heard walmart is a good place to do this stuff at smile.gif

#7 -=RepDetect=-


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Posted 08 November 2004 - 11:01 PM

I've done the switch out the new for the broke and returned it. tongue.gif I've done it twice, once with a PS2 controller and once with a wireless mouse. I just made sure to tell them that they were broke so they didnt put it back on the shelf. I even returned them hours after buying them and didnt get questioned. I went and got tattooed and then went right back and retured it. biggrin.gif

I must say I didnt feel like a thief even though it was stealing...kinda. muhaha.gif

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