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Is "no Disc" And "unknown" The Same?

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#1 abuze


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Posted 11 February 2003 - 07:05 AM


Iīve tried to get people to tell me this. Hehe seems hard.

I have a few discs that are not read by my samsung drive. They try to read for a while then it says Nodisc. I have many discs that I put in the drive and it has no major probems reading it but shows up as Unknown. Both of em canīt be played. Is this the same thing? Or is this my fault when burning it? Bad ISO?

I have tried to burn with xISO and gone over to Nero. The ISOS works on another media.
Maybe itīs the +R media samsung wont take... itīs Datawrite +R and tried with HP too.
It works when I put the same ISO burned the same way on Imation +RW.

#2 bigcol


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Posted 11 February 2003 - 10:03 AM

+r/-r media works very poorly on samsung drives. I've found that when it says 'no disc' you either have to put the disc in again a couple of times, but if it still says 'no disc' then its a bad burn. If it says 'unknown' then its a good disc but the xbox's drive cant read it. The same disc should work in another xbox's drive (as long as its a different brand).

I've got a thompson, so dvd+r/+rw works a treat on my xbox. I tried playing one of my dvd+r games on my mates samsung xbox and it came up with unknown. So the 'unknown' error is usually the xbox's fault, not the media's fault.

#3 Xeero


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Posted 11 February 2003 - 01:08 PM

All the same, don't use xISO. That certainly is not going to contribute to the solution. Make the image using a GDFimage-based app!

#4 searobbins


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Posted 11 February 2003 - 07:23 PM

Unknown and No Disks aren't the same.

From what I've seen there are 3+ results:
No Disc, Unknown, and Game. (It also shows Dvd Video)

It shows Game if it can read the disk and that disk contains a file named default.xbe

It shows Unknown if it can read the disk but cannot find default.xbe
(think of it finding something but it is an unknown file type)

It shows No Disk if it cannot read the disk

#5 abuze


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Posted 12 February 2003 - 12:32 PM

Im trying to make an conclusion here blink.gif

I have one disk saying No Disc all the time. This one canīt be read by my samsung.
I have 5 discs saying Unknown. Those ones should work if I burn the ISO again?
The ISOS on the "unknown" discs works if I burn it on a +RW. So the ISOS shouldnīt be bad.

I canīt fina any +R media working with my samsung... or is it working but Iīm doing something wrong? Canīt I brun the same way as on +RW? Sounds odd in that case...

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