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Stock Hd Is Paperweight, Buy New One?

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Posted 18 November 2004 - 11:50 PM

hello everyone, I managed to soft mod my xbox about 3 weeks ago, yes it was fun, but then i felt the need to try and partition to get full advantage of the 8 gigs, that was not a good idea since i had no idea what i was doing. After the goof up, i rebooted my box only to find that i couldnt get to my dashboard error 13, after a while i found from forums that the only way to fix my problem was by hotswapping, i successfully hotswapped my drive, and using the xbox hdm boot cd i managed to wipe the drive but then to find that it would not fricken create the xbox partition,which was option 1, or whatever, and i even had a backup of my xbox C drive with EvoX on the CD in the correct folder, but im not sure if its complete, as in i believe i may have cut the transfer short i cant remember, o yea and for some reason it didnt have the eeprom so i couldnt generate a password, neway i couldnt get the rebuild to work and so i had to reboot my computer with a wiped xbox hd. i did create a floppy with lock/unlock tools, BUT i didnt have the eeprom.bin file so i chose to create it with no password, so im guessing the floppy cant help. Now first of all i didnt try to rehotswap, but from what i read in forums i figured i had officialy locked my hd permanently and theres no way for the xbox to unlock it and hotswap again correct? k thats the first question, second is, if infact i bought a new HD could i even get it to work in my xbox? does the new HD need to be compatible with my boxs bios specifically, or could i just use a friends HD to copy his C and E drives which contain the EvoX dash to the new drive and plug er in? insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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