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Edit Restriction - 15 Minutes.. Read For Details

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 03:03 AM

Here's the situation.. and as usuall.. is a result of abuse or mebers throwing tantrums. Posts have been mass edited time and again.. usually by people participating and adding value to the site. What happened is that these people throw a tantrum.. and later go back and try to delete their history.. including key and important posts.

So to combat this.. (the destruction of data) we're imposing a 15 minute grace period on EDITS.

EDIT for the 'members' class has been disabled so to speak..

What we are allowing for is 15 minutes grace period after initial post. If they want to EDIT their original post after that period.. they pretty much can't.. unless they hit up a mod. (which will give a few mods some grief.. especially in the BST forum.. but it will subside.)

So the following has been done..

All the the dedicated forum mods for the various forums, have all now been bumped up to moderator account class. This will allow them to keep up with their assigned duties.. while side stepping the restriction on post edits. This will also allow them to make EDITS on others posts in their assigned forums.. aiding those that might need an edit for an important technical thread, guide, or list.

So you will all notice the "addition" of 40+ moderators.f

Now.. that leaves all of the other members. Well.. some who aren't mods.. do need and I want them to have EDIT access to their posts beyond the restriction.. so I have made a secondary member class.. aptly named 'member'

Only difference.. no restirction. I will give these account class designations to technical users on a case by case basis as the need arises. People will need to plead their casee individually to me. I've already handed out a few of these accounts to technical posters with guides or pin topics that get updated in their first post frequently.

Some people who apply for this access.. won't get it.. unless it's deemed important or worthy to the scene. Far to many people think their posts are written by god already.

Do not take this as an invite to un-necessarily harass me or Xantium for this account class. Harassing Admin for useless posts will get your accounts closed.. so only request EDIT access if you are actually providing info or a decent service etc to the scene. (lists of barbie fasions, someone dick size etc.. do not warrant contacting ,e or Xantium)

The last group of people who use the EDIT function alot.. are the BST types. At this time.. we have no reall solution for these users. They are free to contact one of the BST moderators and request an edit. It will then be up ot he BST moderators whether or not to make the edit. If the need arises.. I will add 2 new mods to the BST forums who will have the dedicated task of making such edits.

BST users are reminded that they have the option.. and are even encouraged.. to make a new thread each week. That would be the best way to update any prices etc. Moderators for the BST forum will be glad to.. (and are required) to close threads upon your request (this does not mean DELETE.. just close) so that you can open a new thread (and possibly link back to your previous thread(s) )

In the mean time.. the BST mods will be busy.. until a more permanent solution is found.

We are considering re-instating the full EDIT access to the members as part of a contribution level class of account. (something we actually don't want to do) That idea.. is on a low priority.

We expect.. and ask.. that the membership work with us in this regard.. and not hassle the mods unless it's necessary. Most are already overworked. We do ask that BST sellers please be kind.. and use the NEW POST function as opposed to edits.. as this will ease the burden on the staff.


People with Technical Guides, Posts, Lists.. and other similar postings that need edit access feel free to contact me and I'll respond within 48 hours with a possible solution for your specific case.

This restriction might not be necessary in the next software revision (not sure one way or the other) but for the time being.. it's needs.. and it's the new reality for now.

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