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Pgr2 Drag Strip?

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#1 animosity03


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Posted 06 December 2004 - 10:36 AM

I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of making a track like this. I doubt it is possible to make a working christmas tree to start the racers though. My friends and I mod cars and drag them, but never been big fans of racing the actual tracks. My question is, can I make one with a true 1/4, 1/2 and mile lengths? Or if not me (not familiar with this kind of work) someone else?

#2 Redneck427


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Posted 22 December 2004 - 04:52 PM

well, ive come up with a little trick that might intrest you, ok, so, do this:
make a new profile, name it 1/4 mile or something so you know, go to any car selection and go to the showroom, get a car like the cobra that will make good skid marks, go around the test track till your back at the beginning of the long strait, look at the inside of the corner on your right(facing down the strait) where the rumble strip(the long red and white thing on the inside of the corner)ends, you will notice the retaining wall is divided into about 2-car-length-long sections, including the section where the rumble strip ends, count 12 sections down the strait, you should look to your left and see a large bush, with 2 smaller ones on either side of it, now, line your car up facing strait across the track right in the middle of the 12th wall section, back into it, to make sure you are at a perfect right angle, back up to the wall and gun it in reverse, then, with out hitting the walls burn out back and forth so as to make a starting line for you drag strip(crude, i know, but its the best way i could figure out and have accurate timing), do this a few times to make a good dark line(well 2, but whatever), but make sure you dont hit the walls or you wont be strait anymore, now go and finish the lap, do another lap and let ur first ghost finish the lap before you so as to save ur first lap(the one that makes the start line)as the fastest lap and will be there every time as long as you dont beat it, or you will lose your line maker, now every time you want to race 2 cars, go to the show room, get one car, follow the line maker ghost around the track and when it makes the line, line up as for a drag run, pick a time during the lap AFTER the ghost finishes, ex. if the ghost makes the line, then finishes after 2:45, start the race at 3:00, thats ur green light, do the run and that ghost will be saved temporarily with an accurate 1/4 mile time, go get another car and race the ghost of the first run you did, then whichever car wins will be saved as the temporary ghost, then you can go get another car and race it, just be sure to NEVER finish before the line maker ghost car, or it will be saved over.

hope you got all that, now go have some fun smile.gif



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Posted 23 December 2004 - 06:30 AM


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