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Posted 04 December 2004 - 11:26 PM

You bought something from http://www.teamxtender.com/ ?

Please leave your experience, opinion, rating and/or comments here!

ADMIN NOTE: TeamXtender.com does not sell driect to the public.. but rather through authorized resellers. Free free though to note issues while dealing with TeamXtender and their products though. Be civil, or get bounced.


This posts intent is just to show my bad experience in the hopes it may help someone else not make the same mistake. I purchased an Xtender kit from http://www.the-console-corner.com/ about a month ago. After getting the product and finding out it does not work; I look into it at the forums at http://www.teamxtender.com/ and find there are many people having problems with the product. Seems they forgot to mention when you buy that there are issues with size, brand and RPM speed (even though mine are all matched 3-250Gig Western Digitals- and according to them should work). Next they state that there seems to be issues with the new large capacity hard drives and that you should use the new 80 wire custom cable instead of the 40 wire custom cable that they sent. They claim only 10% of all Xbox consoles suffer from this issue, when interestingly enough I tried three that fell into this category (maybe I should have played the lotto since I was obviously lucky). Through repeated attempts I have asked them to please replace my cable to no avail. They keep stating go to the reseller which will not return any email whatsoever. Now team Xtender is snubing me and saying should have used an official resller even though The Console Corner stated they are. It is Team Xtenders product and they should be responsible for their mistake and make it right with the consumer - shame on you Team Xtender. grr.gif

Frankly, my advise is to wait and purchase a hard drive extender device from Team Xecutor (which will hopefully be released soon). They have always put out good looking, well tested and designed products for us.

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