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Ds Vs. Psp Hacking

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 11:13 PM

I have a DS. I will be getting a PSP.

I think all said and done IF we/they can really get at the DS it will be more useful. Thats not to say the PSP wont be useful either.

Its going to be interesting no matter what people.

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Posted 19 March 2005 - 04:18 PM

It's really humorous that people are still taking sides. Ultimately everything ends up in your house anyway. I just sold my DS because well as much as I love Metroid I wasn't impressed. It seemed more cumbersome than anything trying to be speedy and accurate with that silly stylus. Now I'm Nintendo from 1987 and Sony from 1995 to put a scope on things. I had really hoped Nintendo would release a handheld Gamecube but I guess hardware limitations and size and I imagine battery life was just too much to battle against. So I guess if you want to keep things safe you tinker with cartridges for your lifetime span. So the 7 year old in me is at peace with old school roms. But then the 15 year old in me comes around and wants more. I mean besides on a random outworld handheld I haven't still haven't seen SNES emulated properly. So if Sony is going to give me a crack at that as well as everything else the GBA can play then I say hey bring it on. Nintendo is too busy trying to be original to even think about what the consumer wants. While on the other hand Sony is trying to give us what they think we want at a serious price. So they still have that old battery life issue. From what I've seen around you can buy extras, and while that's annoying as it can be it's still an option we haven't seen yet. So we all hope we can run all these things on the psp...But in the end you know we'll all be happy with old school roms. Because you know hacking the UMD and or trying to mod the thing probobly isn't going to happen. So when all is said and done our biggest memory of a Sony Handheld we're going to have is playing Snes and other classic Nintendo Memories. The irony being that the too had a chance at being ONE once and NINTENDO blew it by collaborating with Phillips of all places. Just some food for thought. muhaha.gif

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