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Need Help With My Bios

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#1 remusomega


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:18 PM

Im new to this whole thingy...
I recently installed evox (a certain package from Sh0x) what I did is, I deleted my entire C drive, and put all the evox stuff in there. the evox xbe was xbdash or something like that (the same name as the original xbdash of the MS dash)
everything works great. I can boot games from HD, but I cannot play burned games. Some people say I need a replacement Bios, and I need a modchip for that. I read that you can use PBL to load the bios in software.
I downloaded PBL and put it in E:/apps/PBL
I rebooted my xbox, and lanuched PBL from my dashboard (evox)
the Phoenix logo flashes for a second, then it turns all blury, and all fuzzy. sorta when your TV loses all reception. I leave it there for 20 minutes, but its the same thing. (I have not signed PBL for any specific exploit, because I am not using any exploits).
Please let me know how I can load a new bios, so I can play burned games.
btw, the game is correctly burned... I think
I FTP'ed Into a modded xbox, with Halo 2 in the drive. I copied the content from drive D to my computer. I used GfdImage to create an xISO, and I burned that image to a DVD using Alchohol 120%.
PS: (use simple words)

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#2 blackdeath1114


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:26 PM

try searching that what i did

#3 remusomega


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Posted 14 December 2004 - 11:53 PM

try giving links, that helps too mad.gif

#4 dcmad


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Posted 15 December 2004 - 11:28 AM

if i was u i would get slayers autoinstaller or a similar one but ive only ever used slayers, and get it to rebuild your c: drive for u, i dont know who told u to delete the contents of your c: drive but its needed, slayers can make it back to retail for u, now was u saying u had a chip or that it is a tsop flashed xbox, when u get ya xbox back to retail, use the slayers to install evox for u, there loads of options as to what u want it to install, theres also stuff there for flashing ya tsop but i never mess with them, if u installed evox manually, all u have to do is edit the ini file in notepad with your ips settings etc, and depending on chip/bios used, either rename the default.xbe on evox to evoxdash.xbe or rename the original xboxdash.xbe(m$dash) to msxboxdash.xbe and then rename your evox xbe to xboxdash.xbe thatway it boots your evox xbe thinking its the original m$ one the ini file links back to m$ dash.

hope this helps

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