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Stuck - Anyone Who's Completed Nar Shadaa

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#1 C1utCh


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Posted 18 December 2004 - 02:58 AM

Alright, so I have the prima guide (just went out to get it) I have done what appears to be all of hte main missions, and even beat all of the red guys on my ship (didn't kill him, extorted the leader for money). Only problem is, that I did this as like the 2nd thing I did on Nar Shadaa. The gide say it should be my last of the 14 missions, so that after i go off as atton and fight the twin suns. This never happened, so now basically I am running aorund, trying to trigger somthing

Any ideas?

Also, i can't get the HK chassis anywhere, where can I find it, the droid salvage guy had an HK Proc for me, but no chassis.

And I can't get the airswoop (the one I need 3 parts for) I have all 3 parts, but noone will repair it.

Am I stuck? All my save games occur after I battled the reds on my ship, so I can't go back.


Any tips would be great

#2 loffler


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Posted 20 December 2004 - 03:55 PM

I also did the mission where you have to defend your ship early and didnt make any difference to me. I think you actually get promted to go back to the ship at some point early.
All I can say is make sure you talk to everyone in the dock part of this planet (where most of the missions are accepted - dorms, dock master, hutt, alien bar)

You cant buy the HK chassis, you pick it up right at the end of this planet from droids that you fight.

I fixed up the airspeeder early in the level and I had the darth maul looking character in my team. He doesnt fix it but does oversee your work and optimizes it. I wouldnt worry too much, I never used the airspeeder once!

hope this helps

#3 synbios1978


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Posted 21 December 2004 - 05:07 PM

I got to the next part by going to the entertainment sector, and going towards the bar, there should be a scene where some thugs will want you to go in the bar and get someone out. On the other side of the screen from where the thugs are, there should be a little short guy who will offer to sell you the password to the bar. I'd went through all the cells and everything after buying the password from him. Then after completeing all the side missions I could, I went back to him, paid him 2000 credits and got on the bad side of the exchange, then the storyline continued. I'm not sure what sidequests you have to start first, but you may need to go in the cantina first and start a quest there as well. (They are both in the entertainment sector).

Hope this helps!!


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