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Extensionless Rom Files And Xsnes9x

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#1 craig647


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Posted 23 December 2004 - 09:37 AM

Well, I have a large number (~750) of SNES roms that happen to have no extension. No .rom or .smc, just the name of the game. They work fine on ZSNES and snes9x (on the PC) however. But when I load them up onto the xbox, xsnes9x doesnt seem to see them. Im pretty sure theyre in the right directory, because it sees games with the .smc extension in the same folder.

Now heres the weird part. When I add a .smc to the end of the games' names, not only does xsnes9x see them, but they seem to run just fine, although it says bad checksum file.

Anyways, Im somewhat confused as to whats going on here, being an emulation noob. Could someone help me figure this out? I dont know if theres some program I should use to make the .smc extension, or if they should be working fine as is or what. So help would be most appreciated laugh.gif Thanks!

#2 Layer01


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Posted 23 December 2004 - 10:48 AM

you have exactly what i had, the exact same problem, Good news is its very easy to fix. get a program like:
or search google for file renaming (or something like that) to try and find a freeware version.
and just add .smc to all the files. some files may have names that are too long but i just manually changed them and there are only a few (like 6 or 7) and i knew this cause they didnt transfer to my xbox.
so yeah once they all have .smc then your in the green. but i still get some with the bad checksum thingy but they still seem to play fine, and its only a dozen out of 750 so its not a problem really biggrin.gif
hope this helps

EDIT: lol i just realised you probably got the same rom pakage that i have from the same torrent file, if not then no worries.. wink.gif

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#3 craig647


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Posted 23 December 2004 - 07:59 PM

Brilliant! Works great now, despite the bad checksums *shrug* Thanks a lot biggrin.gif

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