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Red/green New Problems Not Generic

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#1 zwan


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Posted 25 February 2003 - 09:41 AM

k i've got the same problem many people have with the red/green flashing and not being able to boot up the xbox. i originally thought it wasnt the chip but the power plug/port however i've been fiddleing round with my xbox today and i've changed my mind!

Iit isn't the power plug/port that is causing the problem, there is still something wrong with it ( it crackles and buzzes if the cord is touched or moved) however i think it has to do more with the chip. I rang m$ today and they said they would fix the power port for free beerchug.gif but in order for me to send it to them i have to uninstall the matrix and make the hdd look like it had never been changed...gonna take some time to transfer all the games from my xbox to my pc.

K so i've found out that my xbox works fine and the chip is to blame, however the new problem i am facing is that i cant boot my xbox so i have no way to transfer all the files sad.gif I removed the chip and the xbox boots fine, i realigned the chip and the led on it flashes red/green for a second then blinks green. I thought this might have solved all of my problems and the flashing would stop but....NO! the matrix is *aligned* properly according to the led however when i switch it to mode 2 (1-off 2-on) and try boot, the red/green flashing on the eject button returns sad.gif this is really buggin me...could the matrix be just damaged (i dont c how as i can sometimes boot sometimes cant) i really need some help!

also does anyone know which directory the saved games are stored in cause i want to make a backup of them if i return my xbox.

thanks for your time and help if you give help wink.gif

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Posted 25 February 2003 - 10:31 AM

Well the saved games are in the TDATA and UDATA folders on the E drive.

If you remove the chip it boots? What's your Dashboard?

It appears that you swapped out the orginal drive for a biger one if it's going to take alot of time to transfer games over, so why not just swap it back? That is if you still have the drive. And if you do, try swaping it back and see if it boots that way. Also since it sounds like when you tell the chip's BIOS to take over, that you get the problem, you might want to try reflashing the BIOS on your chip.

Thats just a few suggestions. However, your problem makes little sence considering your replacement dashboard (I assume you replaced it if you are playing games of teh harddrive) boots up without the chip.

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