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What I Do For A Successful Ude2.

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Posted 09 January 2005 - 06:08 AM

I see a lot of people having a hard time doing these. It is very simple if you just take your time and watch what you are doing. This can be as easy as a 5 minute job. I use 007, but use the gamesave exploit of your choice for ftp access. It is actually going to take longer to type this then to do it.

This may or may not work for you, I am not responsible if you blow up your stuff, etc, etc. If at any point you don't understand what I explained, reread. If you still don't get it, don't use this. This will not be supported by me. I am assuming you have an idea of how most of this works.

I am super bored tonite and decided to type this up. Mods can feel free to delete if they don't dig it. No worries.

These are the archives/programs I use; most can be found on this forum:

updatefonts60.zip or updatefonts70.zip (depending on the kernel)
nkpatcher10.zip (by far the best)
s1916928.zip (to patch)
default.zip (older nkpatcher for altering real C instead of shadowC imaged drive)
Evolution X (if you don't have this already, step away from the Xbox)
EVOX on a DVD or CD (whatever you can boot)
gamesave exploit of your choice

OK. First I boot the system and copy over the gamesave. Then I check to see what kernel and dash it is. Make a note. You will use the correct font exploit depending on the kernel (or dash).

Then I prepare (you shouldn't really have to do this more than once). If you can't do this part, you pretty much shouldn't even be doing the mod. Make a directory on your desktop (or wherever) named "Exploit". This way you have a place where you have everything you need. Find an update.xbe from pretty much any Live game (I haven't found one that doesn't work). Extract the s1916928.exe from s1916928.zip. Run the exe and browse to that update.xbe. Save it as xboxdash.xbe in your Exploit dir. Then browse through the updatefonts60.zip or updatefonts70.zip and and find the fonts/nfl-fever-2003-us-s1916928 directory. Find the font that matches the kernel you are exploiting. For example: if you have the 5838 dash, use the bert-5838-01.xtf font in the updatefonts70.zip. I have done 3 v1.6 this way already. If you have an older one, try the fonts in updatefonts60.zip first, which will have the bert_ate_earnie-XXXX-01.xtf (XXXX being the version number). I have done 1 4034 and 1 3944 this way. Take the corresponding font and extract it to your exploit directory. Then use the other fonts (either scraps.xtf from the updatefonts60.zip or ernie.xtf and s.xtf from the updatefonts70.zip) and put them in your exploit directory. Don't mix and match. Extract your default.xbe from the default.zip and nkpatcher-06.xbe or nkpatcher-67.xbe (doesn't matter which if you are keeping the stock HDD) and put it in your exploit directory. Put evox and the ini in there too, the xbe named evoxdash.xbe. Now locate a 210mb - 300mb file. It doesn't even matter what it is. I use a video file from a game. Copy it to your Exploit directory and rename it shadowc.img. To sum up, you should have the following in your Exploit directory:

xboxdash.xbe (update.xbe patched with s1916928.exe)
default.xbe (older nkpatcher)
nkpatcher-06.xbe or nkpatcher-67.xbe





shadowc.img (you made this, good for you!)

Here we go.

Use your exploit to get FTP access (I use the 007 EVOX). Then I FTP into the Xbox and do the following:

BACK UP YOUR C and E partitions.

rename "fonts" directory to "f0nts"
create directory "fonts"
delete XBox Book.xtf and Xbox.xtf from root
rename xboxdash.xbe to xboxdash.xbe.bak
copy over newly made xboxdash.xbe
copy over evoxdash.xbe
copy over evox.ini
go into your new "fonts" directory and copy your font set over

copy over default.xbe
copy over nkpatcher-06.xbe OR nkpatcher-67.xbe and rename to default.xbe.new
create directory "shadowc"
copy shadowc.xbe

If you are lost at this point, REREAD EVERYTHING.

Congrats. As of right now you are exploited with EVOX as your boot. Perfect to just be able to FTP in and break stuff. Reboot your machine with an empty drive and watch Evox boot. Beautiful. Now FTP in, here is where the fun begins.

rename default.xbe to default.xbe.old
rename default.xbe.new to default.xbe

What you are doing there is changing the NON shadowC nkpatcher to the shadowC enabled patcher.

Reboot. Oh no. Red flashing Error 21. Oh wait. Thats good. That means the shadowC is working.

Boot with Evox DVD. FTP in, the C partition should be EMPTY. That is your shadowC image that has not been setup. Do the following RAW commands via your FTP client.

Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2

A key should be displayed. It will be an 8 digit hex value. Use that key for the next command.

FormatDrive "hex key" (no quotes)

You will get a message saying "Drive Formatted". Awesome. Browse to C and copy over the stock dashboard and whatever you want to boot to for your useable dash (I use THC). Just make sure that the dashboard you are going to boot to is named evoxdash.xbe.

Reboot. Your dash should show up. If not, Evox DVD boot and try again.

Now whenever you want to do any modifying to the REAL C, just FTP in and rename the 2 default.xbe files back and forth. Just keep track as to which one is which (you can tell by what dash boots, Evox is the old, your dash is the new)

This is just what I have done. All of the systems I have done have all been successful. If you just pay attention to what you are doing and UNDERSTAND, you will have no need for auto installers that will probably just bone out your system. I strongly suggest using the shadowC, it will save you a ton of trouble and stop you from accidentally killing your exploit.

Happy modding.

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Posted 09 January 2005 - 06:19 AM

Good tut. friend.

I didnt think of a few things you mentioned.

Take care


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Posted 09 January 2005 - 06:21 AM

good, i like using an autoinstaller though smile.gif

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