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Multiple Xboxs On Xbox Live Via One Connection?

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#1 ZippyDan


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Posted 10 January 2005 - 07:37 PM

last night, 3 of us tried to play on xbox live with 3 xboxs (one xbox per person). this was done at a house with a cable broadband connection with guaranteed bandwidth of 4mbit down and 512k upload.

we have played on this same connection with 4 xboxs and 12+ people over Kai just fine.

last night was our first time trying multiple xboxs on xbox live.

what happened was that we could only get 2 xboxs on xbox live at one time. the 3rd one would not be able to login getting some kind of "could not connect to xbox live" error. the network troubleshooter would show everything detecting just fine, except the last step (detecting xbox live). if we kept trying for like 20 minutes, the third xbox would be able to login, but it would boot another xbox off when it did so. again, a maximum of 2 logged in at once.

after an xbox could not connect to xbox live, it would not be able to connect at all (even if we logged the other xboxs out) for at least 20 minutes, unless we reset the router. the router is a BEFSR1 Linksys, a fairly common model. this last symptom seems to maybe indicate that the router is the problem? there is also an 8 port linksys switch in the picture

i called xbox live tech support about this issue. the first guy i talked to was an idiot saying my router could only support 2 IPs (and when i asked whether he meant 2 local ips or internet ips he was totally confused), i think he was reading from a manuscript. i asked to be transfered to level 2 tech support, which ended up being his supervisor, and she was just as dumb. i hung up in disgust. the only thing i got from the conversation was that maybe we needed more bandwidth to play and to set all my xboxs to Auto IP config instead of manual. our bandwidth is fine for much much more people online so that doesnt make much sense unless xbox live is a bigger hog than it needs to be. and the ip thing is dumb cuz it all detects just fine in the network trouble shooter

has any one else tried to login multiple xboxs to xbox live from the same internet connection? what was your experience? anyone else run across the same problem and figure out a way around it?



#2 bLiTz 2k

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Posted 29 December 2007 - 09:35 PM


Im looking to do the same thing. I have tried with two seperate D-Link routers to no avail, one being the DI-524 (live firmware). I can only get two boxes on Live simutaneously...

At this point im willing to buy a new router, if anyone has successfully connected more than two 360s to live on their home network, would you be kind enough to share your router info.


#3 popley


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Posted 12 February 2008 - 05:18 PM

I use a hawking switch, I bought it around 2003. I have been able to play with at least 4 xboxs, never hooked any more than that up. I have comcast internet, I hook the switch directly to the cable modem.

#4 sammydad1


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Posted 30 December 2008 - 02:11 AM


I am having issues using two individual XBox360's each with their own Gold Live membership, connecting online at the same time from my home; one is mine, one is my son's....

I would think this should be possible but maybe because of the single IP (Comcast cable high speed) we can't be online at the same time, altho each 360 can be online by itself.

Thanks !!


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