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Hotswap Help!

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#1 rajaal77


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Posted 23 January 2005 - 11:38 PM

I've been reading tutorials, FAQs and disclaimers for weeks. I thought I had every angle covered and decided to hotswap my Xbox based on some pretty steady assurance from all the testimonials I've read. The process sounded easy. I just want to know that if I followed every direction based on "proven methods," then why can't I unlock my hdd and why when I try to do so do I get an error 7. Is this a MS consipracy? Is the antichrist Bill Gates setting up his own fifth column or unsealing the 9th gate on me?

My PC IDE cable is set to primary master.
My PC power connecter is hooked to the Xbox HDD.
The Xbox DVDROM IDE cable is unhooked and the yellow cable is hooked to the mainboard.
The Xbox IDE cable is loosened.
Xbox and PC are switched on simultaneously.
The green globule appears on the TV screen the fades out.
The Xbox HDD clicks 2-3 times.
Xbox IDE cable unhooked/PC IDE cable hooked in a flash.
Xbox is powered down/Xbox HDD is spinning.
My XBOXHDM/UXE ISO disk is booting.
Option 2 is selected.
A screen tells me that my HDD is still locked and would I like to go further.
I go further.
I choose option 2 to rebuild the c partition.
I get "invalid command!"
I poweroff and f&*k s&^t mother f^%ker puto shit!

That's all.

Could someone tell me what went wrong? I loved her but she just wouldn't put out.

#2 DaddyJ


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Posted 24 January 2005 - 12:30 AM

If you getting an error 7 then your IDE ribbon is too loose. the xbox should go into an error 12, then the hotswap should take place.

#3 Roland1984


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Posted 24 January 2005 - 02:19 AM

Dono if it helps, but I did it with two xboxes and flash fxp (FTPing to the xbox)!

So If you have a friend with a modded box:

- Burn CDRW with evox and set it up correctly for your network!

- Connect FTP cable to the modded xbox!

- Open them up

- Place back to back

- Boot both boxes

- With no disc in drives (now the drive of the unmodded box will be unlocked)

- Put the IDE cable of the modded box into the drive of the unmodded box (both running ofcourse)

- Now start Flash FXP (or any other FTP client that works for you and conncect to the modded xbox!

- Copy the needed files (for example UXE and NKpatcher) to the C: make sure everything is correct and reboot!

Now if you done it right you have your xbox modded! Worked for me!

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