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Chip Unflashable?

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#1 richiecaf


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Posted 01 February 2005 - 09:44 PM

First off i'd just like to say Evox M8plus_16 sucks. Simply because my old game backups freeze and do weird things when running evox. I have not tested any other dashboards but I shouldn't have to. IT SHOULD WORK FINE WITH EVOX.

This tutorial was used to solder this chip:

however the recommended setup for the switch (pictured here):
user posted image
was not taken (i did not solder this chip, someone else did)

instead he used this setup:
user posted image

Has ANYONE done an xbox v1.6 with this kind of setup and succesfully reflashed their xecuter 2.3b???

If so please explain how because I have switched the chip to unprotect after boot, and that didnt work with Evox dash flash, eurasia pro, or flashX.

#2 maiani


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Posted 02 February 2005 - 08:11 AM

try putting the bios on bank 2 of the chip....I've had that problem and found that apps and games freeze on load if booting from bank1 but not bank 2. They've covered this at teamxecuter.com. I made a 1mb image with m8plus_16 on bank 2 and flashbios on bank 1. If you flash with evox it will fill the whole chip with whatever bios you pick. so you can just flash with the m8plus_16 and then boot from bank 2 and everything should be fine. hopefully the new x2 bios coming from teamxecuter should have this licked and be able to boot from either bank.

#3 richiecaf


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Posted 02 February 2005 - 08:31 PM

thx for the reply dude but I AM booting from Bank 2...
I have the retail bios (512K) in Bank 1
and i'ming think m8_16 (512k) in bank 2.

Once I get this flashing thing sorted out I can test out some other bioses.

Just Some Info:
From what I understand the LCLK from the chip and the LCLK from the board need to be connected in order for the chip to boot. Obviously the switch only completes the connection when it is in the protected state. This explains why my box FRAGs every time I boot up unprotected.

I am going to try this: Get conductive paint and use it to connect the two leads on the switch. This should let me boot unprotected and REMAIN unprotected to flash my chip.

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