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Which One For These Mod Chips Is Best To Get?

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 09:16 AM

Hi all.

In an earlier post I mentions I was going to get a mod chip installed in my Xbox.

I'm not going to do it myself as my soldering is not very good! Well to tell you the truth its so bad when I went to make a battery pack for my RC Car, I kind or destoried 60.00 worth of sub-c batteries)

Anyway the company doing it is UK based (just to let you know) and they go to a computer fair held in the town I live at every month. They've been going to this fair for a few years so fingers crossed they wont disappear into the woodwork if I need them again.

They stock 3 sorts of X-Box mod chips. Being:

XECUTER 2.6 CE -------> 60.00 installed
SUPER ALADDIN LIVE ---> 50.00 installed
DUO X 2 MODCHIP -------> 50.00 installed

Now being new to all this mod chipping etc. Which one is better.

The seller says I should go for one of the two 50.00 chips as they are just as good at the 60.00 chip. Just that both of the 50.00 chips have the disable features for xbox live where I press a perticular button for 2 seconds or so.

They say all 3 chips have a 1mb chip capacity (1mb oe 2 x 512kb) and they will flash the whole of it. Not too sure what that means but I'm sure someone here can explain it to me!

They will also be installing a bigger hard drive (not sure of the make or model) but a 60gig hdd will cost me 55.00 and a 120gig will cost me about 65.00 or I can supply my own and they will install it for 10.00

If I supply my own hdd (currently used in a pc and the size is 250gig) apart from formating it what else would I have to do to it?

If anyone has anything else which my help (maybe a better chip etc) please could you let me know so I can spend my money wisely on upgrading my xbox.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my long post. Your wealth of knowledge here will be of great importance to me....

Thanks again

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 10:56 AM

Prices are about right maybe a little bit high but you could have a 1.6 so that normalyy means an extra five or ten quid on top of an older mobo price
You could get it done cheaper with some peeps on here but that may mean postage or travel time/money

duox-2 is a 10 mod
x 2.6 is a score / 20 mod

so 40 install is probably ok-ish for a shop/stall install if it's a 1.6

the alladin - I don't use myself but is a 10 mod but don't think that is a 1mb mod and think the other 2 are better imho

the h/d you can upgrade yourself or get a new one from www.ebuyer.co.uk - as long as you got the correct screwdrivers - torx you can fit it ok if you search/grab an installer disc like slayer 2.6

if you have already been on live the original h/d has probably been "married" to the xbox's eeprom on the mobo and so you probably won't be getting back on live with ya 250gb & original eeprom

if live isn't an issue then you go go for a tsop flash that functions same as mod that is always enabled - that is if your xbox was made before march/april 2004
(go to settings/system info - wait for text to scroll up - look for K= if it says 5838 it is a 1.6 - if it says a lower number the tsop can be flashed)

Tsop would be around 20 as there is nothing to buy and very quick to do

tsop is a little risky though for noobs if they fuck up

whatever you decide I would say don't attempt it yourself if you aren't good at soldering

and don't bother with solderless mods either

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Posted 11 February 2005 - 02:02 PM

Yep aladdin does not have 1mB. Go with the DuoX2 for the switchable banks plus they are very good . I install loads and no problems at all.
Price wise I usually charge 40 installed and fit the hDD in if it is supplied at the same time in with the price. But i suppose price depends on where you are located in the UK.
Prices here in Yorkshire seem a little lower than some other locations

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