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How Can I Force Qwix 1.01 To Create Dvd Iso

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#1 Trotsky37


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Posted 16 February 2005 - 10:30 PM

First off a big thanks and congratulations to the devs of qwix and avalaunch, both very useful programs.

I do however have a question: Is there a way to force qwix to always write a DVD iso rather than a CD-RW iso? When i create an iso around 850 mb when I open it with Nero it wants to burn to a CD-RW. My cd-rws hold 700 mb so I'd like to use a DVD-R to burn this iso. Larger iso's work fine and open up in Nero as DVD images.

So far I have been using dummy files to artificially inflate the size of the iso, is this my only option?

Thanks in advance

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Posted 16 February 2005 - 10:36 PM

nero does this, not quix. its based on size. when burning an iso with nero, select Burn Iso image, then when the box pops up that lets you select burn speed, DAO etc, change the drop down box on the top left from CD to DVD and burn as normal.

#3 Kells


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Posted 02 March 2005 - 07:46 PM

yeah, actually this is Nero Express's fault.

Unfortunately if you have a dvd you want to burn around the size of a CDR you need to get out of Nero Express .. and go -> Burn Image .. then select DVD type.

That's the only way around it i've found. You'd think that in Nero express, selecting < DRIVE SOURCE : DVD-R > as opposed to < DRIVE SOURCE: CDRW> would be enough to tip it off ...

#4 splatterass


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Posted 21 March 2005 - 07:54 PM

Why would anyone use Nero express ??????

It's for children isn't it ?

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Posted 25 April 2005 - 06:17 PM

actually I get an internal error everytime I try to switch to DVD.
After emailing Nero about it they said Nero doesnt support burning a DVD with a CD ISO.


what burning software does anyone use besides Nero?


#6 DiddeLeeDoo


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Posted 29 April 2005 - 02:53 AM

>>what burning software does anyone use besides Nero?

Hi, I just discovered the Qwix program, and while reading the "Readme" files I came to this forum and saw this discussion.

My first "test" project became a small game, Finding Nemo. This is only a bit over 700MB suitable for this kind of "Small DVD-R" test.

I used Qwix to extract and make an ISO file of the Finding Nemo game from the Xbox HDD. Next step was using "DVD Decrypter" in ISO Write Mode to burn this ISO Image.

The burned DVD-R was not readable from the PC. (Suggesting it is in XBox format.)

Tried to play the DVD -R in the XBox, and it worked fine there.

My suggestion to you. Use "DVD Decrypter" to burn your Qwix .iso images

#7 Azag


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Posted 29 November 2008 - 07:20 PM

I am having this problem. I need to boot evox from a disc because of some hotswapping i'm doing between xboxes. I made the evox.iso, but imgburn, dvd decrypter, and alcohol 120% all refuse to burn the files to DVD-R they are saying incompatible format. I know I need a CD-RW but I don't have any.

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