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80 Gig Maxtor Hd Stopped Working... Any Clues?

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Posted 08 March 2003 - 10:04 PM

Hey, i had an old xbox (which i sold) and i had the 80 gig drive in there, and during the last days of owning the old xbox it was giving the same problem as it is giving now...

HOWEVER, when i got my new xbox, i installed the same harddrive and the problems ceased... i had it like that for about 2 months and now it's happening the same thing, error 13.

This is a description
I turn on the xbox and i see the animation, xecuter appears on the bottom and then error 13 hits the screen....

If i disable the chip the exact same error happens....

If i change the drives for the original, everything works perfectly

I can STILL boot to an evox cd but this is EXTREMELY slow... i can see the fade out and fade in from the XBOX logo (with xecuter on the bottom) to the evox skin... and then everything else is just as slow, (scrolling from one option to the other takes like 15 seconds)....

Also, the harddrive makes a wierd noise, its not constant but it is in sync with the movement in the evox original skin (evolution-x turning aound)... in other words, a sound comes out of the harddrive and the word "evolution-x" rotates a bit, then another noise comes out of the hd and the workd rotates a bit more....

Also, the drive was locked, so i attached it to my pc and using atapwd i unlocked it, but the pc doesn't recognize it, in other words, if i use LiveInfo (by teamassembly) it tells me that there are 2 harddrives connected to my pc, but if i go to "my computer" the only drives are floppy, cdr, dvd and the main C: drive, but not the one LiveInfo is recognizing....

Any help is DEEPLY appreciated...


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