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Pro Rugby Vs. Nfl Players

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Posted 05 March 2008 - 02:26 AM

QUOTE(Tony42077 @ Apr 27 2007, 01:09 AM) View Post

So at what point did strength and techniques need to be perfected? It sounds like you've played one rugby too many. Are you just making this up as you go? So we're supposed to believe that U.S. football was created to quench the blood-thirsty urbanites and for commercials. American football was formed as a spin-off from rugby football. The reason why we wear helmets is to protect our teeth, which is something that most Euros aren't too worried about (have you seen their teeth).

Off-topic- Why don't Europeans take better care of their teeth? They must have some nasty smelling breath.

The NFL (or any top U.S. sport) doesn't have any advertising on their uniforms, while almost all professional rugby and soccer teams have advertising on their jerseys. Shameless

If these Euro-rugby players are such great athletes, then why aren't any of them playing in the NFL? A top NFL player's salary is more than double than that of a whole Pro-Rugby team. All of the best U.S. soccer players go to Europe when they want to get paid better, as the U.S. doesn't care enough about soccer to pay it's players top salries.

It seems to me that if these rugby players are so great, they would take one season off to play in the NFL. The money they would make in one season would be more than they make in an entire career of pro-rugby.

It seems to me that money talks and BS walks

i must ask you why the NFL players don't go and race in the formula 1 or play golf as they make far more then NFL players do.

back to the topic id love to see a American football game where they play with out pads vs rugby players and then a rugby game with pads i think it could be interesting

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Posted 05 March 2008 - 04:57 AM


*because thats not ingrained nationalism or anything rolleyes.gif

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Posted 07 March 2008 - 04:03 PM

QUOTE(Hercules Q Einstein @ Feb 24 2005, 09:12 AM) View Post

Its alot like Boxing vs UFC. The UFC (Rugby) might be harder to play, but Boxers (NFL Players) are in much better shape. They just have to be, due to the US being so big with money given to sports player. We pay more money and scount the world for the best athletes.

NFL players are sumos just look at how they have evolved from top athletes to a glorified obese men. There was an ESPN article by Thomas Hargrove titled "Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50" which pointed out the dangers of obesity in the NFL. I guess its hard to blame the players since the rules encourage specialty positions.

IPB Image

Rugby on the other hand (especially rugby league) encourages a leaner, fitter and overall a more athletic player especially with the introduction of limited interchange and the play the ball speed etc. Speaking of boxing its no surprise that an ex league player is currently the WBA Super Middleweight world champion.

mundine v antwun echols
IPB Image

Mundine v Jose Alberto Clavero
IPB Image

Mundine wins against Danny Green
IPB Image

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Posted 19 March 2008 - 03:08 AM

Another ex rugby league and St George Illawarra player trying to hit it big in the boxing world.

Solomon Haumono

Bouts: 14
KO: 14
Losses: 0
Drawn: 0

IPB Image

From: http://www.news.com....5001023,00.html

Haumono is a knockout

IPB Image

By Iain Payten

December 12, 2007 12:00am

SOLOMON Haumono would love to be refining his ringcraft, moving, weaving and conquering the battle of mind over fatigue deep into the rounds.

The main problem is his right hand. It keeps knocking blokes out.

Since returning to the ring in 2007 after a five-year absence, the former NRL enforcer has unleashed such ferocity he's dispatched five opponents in the space of seven rounds. In total.

As he attempts to continue his boxing education, Haumono has made such a habit of leaving opponents toes up on the canvas with the opening bell still reveberating that he has spent just sixteen minutes inside the ring this year.

On Monday night Seiaute Mailata became the latest victim of Haumono's devastating right, sent sprawling onto his back with a badly busted nose and a vista of stars.

"I was just fortunate,'' Haumono said yesterday. "I expected him to come forward and I was going to counter but he was a bit cautious. I got him once and then I seen his eyes. I knew he was in trouble.''

Had he been seeing one Haumono instead of three, Mailata might have realised too. The Samoan ended up like Haumono's 12 other professional foes but the scalp of the respected Mailata - who lost on points to former world title challenger Ed Mahone last month - may now serve to kickstart the world title hopes of the former NRL star.

Still ranked only third in the country, Haumono is now keen to fight for the Australian heavyweight title and despite the brevity of his ring time, trainer Johnny Lewis endorses the goal.

"Now is the time to take the shackles off him and let him go for it. There is a good side and a down side (to Haumono's knockout power),'' Lewis says. "Inevitably we are going to be taken to a position where we haven't been yet. But Sol is first and foremost an athlete. He'd handle the (12) rounds no worries.''

Critics have, also inevitably, called on the 32-year-old to start taking on bigger Aussie names like Bob Mirovic and Colin Wilson. Camp Haumono say they've struggled to pin down experienced foes this year, likely due to that right hand.

"But I am keen to step up. I would love to fight for an Australian title,'' Haumono asserts. "My father (Maile) was an Australian champion, and he's a hero to me.''

It's been a good year in the ring but a tough year for the deeply religious Haumono and his family, after his father was charged with a serious assault earlier this year.

"It's sad,'' Haumono says softly. "Dad is a lovely man, he's a humble man. He is not a thug, he is a gentleman.''

Lewis, who once watched Maile Haumono and Tony Mundine senior spar as sons Solomon and Anthony sat nearby in nappies, says Haumono's power reminds him of former world champ Jeff Harding.

"He is a wicked puncher, but he's also got a lovely left jab that'll stand him in good stead when he steps up a class,'' Lewis says.

An aborted association with Don King in 2003 could end seeing Haumono's handlers end up bringing international fighters to Australia, but like a true brawler, Haumono says it's anyone, anywhere.

"If (an Aussie title fight) doesn't arise, then I am not going to get stuck,'' he said. "I will go beyond that. If I'm ready to hit the international scene, then I'll hit it hard.''

World, you've been warned.

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Posted 24 March 2008 - 03:11 PM

Whats that about NFL being tougher? And this is from an AFL player whose renowned for their kicks and leaps, not their big hits and crunching defense (like rugby league and rugby union). If those monster hit in NFL cant even hurt an AFL player, they've got no chance with the other two rugby codes.

NFL welcomes Rocca to the NFL

Rocca returns the favor


From: http://news.ninemsn.....aspx?id=181776

Rocca hoping to score big NFL deal

Having proved his toughness in a baptism of fire to American football, Saverio Rocca is banking on the sheer power of his right boot to land him an NFL contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 33-year-old made an encouraging start to his trial with the club when outkicking incumbent Dirk Johnson for distance as the Eagles gave their duelling punters a half game each in their 27-3 loss to Baltimore on Tuesday.

But Rocca also showed his steel by bouncing straight back from a brutal crash tackle when blindsided by 22-year-old outside linebacker Antwan Barnes after running upfield to help his team-mates defend a kick return.

Rocca, who will get his second chance to impress in Saturday's (AEST) pre-season game against Carolina, lost his helmet in the sickening hit but the former AFL big man said he had no problems getting straight back up.

"It didn't affect me at all actually," Rocca told Sydney radio 2KY.

"If you hit heads like that in AFL you get concussion and you're out for a little while, but it didn't affect me mentally at all.

"The only thing that did hurt a little bit was when I fell on my bum and hit the turf, it was pretty hard.

"I don't think I've ever been blindsided like that, it was an eye-opener but I'm just happy I came out of it pretty good.

"When I got over to the sidelines after I got the hit, all the guys were saying `welcome to the NFL' so it was a good welcome."

Rocca wanted to continue to impress with his long kicking, an area he thinks could give him in edge when the Eagles decide to hand either he or Johnson a contract for the upcoming season.

"They base their decision maybe on a half a dozen things and just being able to kick the ball further is one of them," said Rocca, who kicked a 65-year monster on debut and averaged 48.2 yards per kick to Johnson's 43.7.

"But hopefully it will be the most important one."

As for rugby league, several people got knocked out in round 1 and round 2, several more needed to get their face reconstructed because of big hits. Some bloke named Ben Ross wouldnt have remembered both game 1 and game 2, poor blocke got knocked out in both games.

Ben Ross gets knocked out (round 1) by Josh Perry.

Brett White knocks out Ben Ross (round 2)

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