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Newb Section Problems, Phase 2

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Posted 10 March 2005 - 09:57 AM

ok so i started another thread. the first one was about all these repeatedly asked questions.

now... i was going to do the research and set up a thread... but didnt think it would matter as this is a suggestion... if it seems like something that could be done... then it would be worth gathering the links needed to make my idea work.. otherwise,why waste time.

you enter newb chat to post a thread about one of the three mostly posted questions and instead of seeing...

Pinned:: Newbie Welcome Guide + Additional Rules
Warnings, FAQ, Guides, Glossary

you see:

Pinned:: Newbie Welcome Guide + Additional Rules
Warnings, FAQ, Guides, Glossary

Pinned:: where to download/ how to burn downloaded xbox games (obviously a stupid question, but none the less asked)

Pinned:: What media to use? / Im getting Dirty disc errors/backups dont work!

Pinned:: modded xbox and xbox live/ online gaming.

i think it would catch some newbie attention and stop some posting that isnt necessary...

obviously these pinned topics would have links/info on the subject and the person would say "oh, i see... guess i dont need to post" and things could be easier in that forum.

anyways.. just a thought, even though the welcome guide has massive info... people tend to ignore it.

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Posted 10 March 2005 - 03:07 PM

I agree but the problem is a lot of people arn't willing to read to figure things out for themselves and if they do they can't understand what they're reading. It is easier for them to post their question 50 times then press the search button once. I think when you enter the newbie forum it should have a HUGE search button at the top, and when you go to post it should say, "Have you searched yet?". That would help wink.gif.


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Posted 10 March 2005 - 04:13 PM

People fail to understand the reason we have the newbie forum.

It's for people who AREN'T reading pinned topics, guides, etc from the other technical areas of xbox-scene.com and forums.xbox-scene.com.

More pins, and more info in those pins in the newbie forum will have absolutely zero effect.

People smart enough to read those.. aren't posting in there anyway. Many hop-skip-jump right to the technical areas of the site.

Newbie isn't for stupid people, but it is the haven of the lazy, tired, and stressed who can't be bothered reading/searching first.

We expect, and do, cut newbie forum posters slack. I expect to see the same million questions on the same 6 topics there. That's why it's there.

People trying to smarten Newbie Forum.. need to sit back, maybe even walk away from it. You just can't take the training wheels off that forum. If you do, the spill over flows into the technical forums.

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