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Instuctins For Pc Mods For The X-box Needed

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#1 grifter66


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Posted 10 March 2005 - 10:28 PM

Using a pc mod you currently have on your x-box right now that works
as an example does someone want to fill out this questionaire

The reason I came up with this is because no one is answering anything That has to be answered

Question 1:
Do you have to edit the ini Yes or no (Just answer yes or no)
If yes then go to question 2: If not then skip to section 1 step 1

Question 2 If you do need to edit the ini
What are you typing, where are you typing it, and where are you getting the lines to type in it from.

Question 3.
Can you use a saved game to access the mods or does it have to be a new game evey time Just yes or no
All other info is just going to cludder my questions and that really don't need to added to your responses


Step 1
What mod are you using where did you get it from

step 2
When you got the mod onto your computer you opened it what and how did you open it with

Step 3
You edited the mod how and what exactly did you change in the mod (What did you type where did you type it and how did you know what to type)

Step 4 Once it was edited and closed how did you close the edited mod

step 5.
You got the mod onto you x-box ( know how to do that)
Where on the xbox did you put the mod

step 6
Where in the section did you put it (In a folder in the directory ) Also define directory Because a game has multiple directories.

Step 7.
Lets say a mod has textures and other things like it, These need to go somewhere on your system so where do they go do they stay seperate do they need to be put together, do these be named anything in particular, if so what, and where does it go just give me a simple example of how to do this (And don't add any excess uneccessary things to this.......just keep it nice and simple)

Step 8.
Is there anything I forgot?

#2 grifter66


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Posted 10 March 2005 - 10:48 PM

Oh yeah I also forgot to add in this question
When people say to start a game and then exit, what thay are not specifying is do you save the game first or do you quit the game right as it starts?

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