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Hello Just Noticed You Guys.

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#1 bollywood


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Posted 13 March 2005 - 04:43 AM

YOU YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT DSL DEBIAN YA.Did you know you can make a small
fast version of sxb lke dsl aswell using sxb scripts and idea with little bit of effort.
IFACT would you belive me if i told you 2 or 3 months before i even compled my first
sxb for xbox.Yes you gused it the first i tried to convert dsl in to sxb dls for xbox.I have
tried even puppy linux to do the same .You want to know how it went sxb dls version.
Dont forget this was a while back iam a novice and ia still learning.well not that well
i got damnsmall linux booting on xbox it went past the kernel and into initrdfile stage
then it done some autodetc hard ware with that familar green line as on normal dls does on pc then crashed in inittab file that is as far as igot.Then i lost intrest on my idea and went back on my win2003 windows to do my boolywood projects for a while.
until recently i went back to the scripts and created sxb for xbox with the same scripts and ideas with some obvious changes.So it could have been dsl instead of sxb if i had not stopped.Any way Chadkeck and me doing sxb for now and dont forget once sxb
gets better and we learn more and improve not only dls we can do but any linux which
can be installed on hd,using same scripts and my ideas.I am even more sure of it now
as we know more linux and we have tried and tested sxb not perfect yet ,but working well and useful and different than any other linux on xbox.Thinking about it now i even
know where i went wrong on dsl when i tried 2 months back as i have more exprince
building dsl.Puppy linux would be even easier to do sxb method as i think the bloke who
does puppy linux compiles it on slackware.So come and help sxb and learn.Because
the quicker we get sxb running great the better,Then once sxb is going well i cant promise,yet but i would have to ask chadkeck nearer time whouid it be ok,to creat are
second sxb in the flavor of dsl.OK then see ya
you yet

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Posted 13 March 2005 - 10:41 AM

i would love to help.. I write bash scripts.. I wrote a few a package for UXE package for xboxhdm and a bunch for opendash linux..

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