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Experienced Help Needed!

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#1 kenzlee


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Posted 13 March 2005 - 09:37 PM

Ok here we go...my power supply went out on my xbox so when i bought a new power supply i went ahead and bought and xecuter2.3b. the first problem was that i bought one of those powers supplys for all xbox models(at the time) for versions 1.1-1.5. i got the power supply, installed it, installed the mod chip, turned it on and....nothing. after some examinations i realize that even though this power supply does have the connections for 1.1 and 1.2-1.5(i have a 1.2-1.5) the wires for the power connection had the wires coming out and was not built right. so i tried to exchange it, the guy was a dick and wouldn't take it back blah blah. so i bought a new power supply, got it yesterday, installed this morning.(note: i don't think it matters but my original power supply was a delta and the new is a foxlink, same connections though) as soon as i have it installed i plug up my xbox (minus hardrive and dvd drive) and turn it on, AHHHH POWER!!! its on, it boots, i'm good to go! or am i? the nvidia gpu starts smoking!!!! wtf......so now im stuck i've got everything i need to do what i want. slayers installer and all. as soon as it started smoking i turned it off and unplugged it. so here's where i'm at i've spent a s*** load of money on this xbox and now i have a burnt nvidia gpu. i need some help you guys. what should i do? install everything and see what happens? is my mobo gone? my wife will not let me spend anymore money on this thing i know. i'm stuck people please help me! thank you in advance for any help on this.

specs: xbox (v 1.2-1.5)
seagate Hardrive
samsung dvd drive
focus chip
came with delta ps, foxlink installed now
xecuter2.3b mod chip

#2 munkle


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Posted 13 March 2005 - 10:59 PM

id say take out everything but the mother board and psu and plug it in to your tv and turn it on and see if you get a display, if you dont then you motherboard is most likely dead

#3 kenzlee


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Posted 14 March 2005 - 12:08 AM

well when i turned it on for the 5 secs or so the first time it was not hooked up to the tv and everything was already removed except the psu and mobo. i mean as soon as i turned it on smoke started coming from the nvidia gpu so i pulled the power cord out. i'm a little afraid to plug it in again of fear of doing more damage than already done. is there anyway this psu could be putting out too many watts or something?

#4 Chancer


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Posted 14 March 2005 - 12:32 AM

If the GPU smoked its history. Yes the power supply could cause the damage if the output s are not correct.

#5 kenzlee


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Posted 14 March 2005 - 12:36 AM

so there's pretty much nothing i can do? should i contact the supplier of the new psu i bought or is there nothing he can do about it? i feel screwed...maybe the nvidia gpu is not burnt is started smoking but i can't see any outside physical damage. maybe i should just plug it up and go....any added thoughts?

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