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Buy And Sell Forum Rules

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 07:42 AM

HSD - Let me make it PERFECTLY clear.
If you do not list everything you are selling.. your thread will be closed, and possibly the account suspended.
Do not say.. "PM for details on other things I am selling"
You either follow our rules or leave.

The cardinal rules of the BST

1)The sale must be Xbox related. There is no discussion on this.
2)No thread crapping. If you aren't interested in making an item or trade, do not post in the thread.
3)One thread at a time.
4)If you're not buying, selling or trading, you're not posting.
5)No backups, nothing pirated, no wink wink nudge nudge, no free crap, no contests, no refferals.

Sales and trades must be Xbox related.

Feel free to LIST your XBOX or XBOX related items for Buy, Sell or Trade. You may request (and others can feel free to offer) any number of legal items (Can be non-xbox, but must not violate x-s general rules) or cash in trade.

What people cannot do is start a new thread and offer NON XBOX items. Period.

Allowed Items

Xbox consoles, games and accessories.
Xbox mod chips
Xbox modding materials
LED lights
Xbox Live related products
Xbox themed merchandise such as t-shirts and souvenirs
Ebay links to YOUR xbox related items
Routers and xbox related network gear
Mod chip accesories and add-ons
painted xbox cases, controllers and accessories
xbox action replays
xbox to pc and xbox to usb adapters
3rd party cases and accessories directly xbox related
xbox microphones and headsets
xbox dancepads
xbox vga adapters
xbox memory cards
hard drives (xbox compatible)

What is not allowed

Other consoles and games
Non-video game related merchandise
Anything not directly related to the Xbox
Computers or computer hardware
signatures, services, web space
Xbox live hacks
cell phones
pc dvd-roms or cd-roms (unless compatible and premodded for the xbox)
networking gear not related to xbox
coke/pepsi promo codes for free xbox/xbox360 merchandise or contests - or any crap similar to it

This in-cludes your signature. If you're posting in the BST at all, your signature is in-cluded, so no non-xbox items for sale or trade or wanted are allowed to be listed in your signature either. Don't try to get around this rule. If you find a loophole, I'll add it and still suspend you.

Violation of this will result in the thread being closed at a minimum. Repeated offenders aren't liked around here.


If you are caught listing references that are not your own, or references of people you've never done business with, you will be banned. If you notice someone is using your name as a reference and you've never done business with them, PM me to have the issue sorted out immediately.

Thread Crapping

Thread crapping is anything unrelated to the topic at hand. Some examples:

* Making fun of other peoples offers.
* One-emoticon posts
* Excessive swearing and pointless insults
* Low-ball, unrealistic offers.
* Anything along the lines of "That price is too high!"
* Any price comment whatsoever.
* ANYTHING off-topic.

Moderators have the final say in what is thread crapping and what isn't. Don't get angry if your post gets deleted, just read the rules topic again. DO NOT THREAD CRAP!! IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN AN ITEM, DO NOT POST IN THE THREAD!!

No thread Hijacking. Posting in someones thread asking for the same item or offering the same item is a thread crap, and will be treated as such.

Price comparisons
You are not allowed to compare (price, quality or anything else) of someone's items in their thread. Example, if someone is selling a hard drive, and you say, "Well, it's $20 cheaper at http://www.website.com". It is their thread - they can sell their item at whatever price they want, and they are free to adjust their prices without your support. Price comparisons are considered thread craps and you can have your account muted for it.

Multiple Accounts
Do not attempt to make multiple accounts to make yourself look good. We are watching. (note: multiple account syndrome is bannable)

Starting & Maintaining Your Thread

You should only ever have one thread active at one time. We allow 1 thread per STORE or INDIVIDUAL per week only. Post all of your items for Buy, Sell or Trade in the same thread! Extra threads will be closed or merged, and your account may be muted, depending on the amount of extra threads.

When you are ready to start a new thread, PM the moderators of THIS FORUM to have your old thread closed (in-clude URL!), or, click the "report this post" button on your post and in-clude a request for closure in the textbox. DO NOT start a new thread with "mods close my old threads" in the title or leave an old thread unattended with a "mods please close" in the last post. It is an annoyance and a hassle for us to find all your old threads.

You get one bump per day PERIOD. Excess bumps will get a warning, followed by a trip to the garbage bin if it continues. A bump is considered ANY post in your own thread in which you are not directly replying to a question by someone else. You may not bump on the same day as your initial post (Your post is considered your daily "bump").

What You CANNOT in-clude In A Thread

* Xbox live hacks - Do not try and sell these here; we do not promote or endorse using game hacks on the xbox live system.
* EvoX, SlaYers, MS DASH, or anything with MS code on it cannot be sold on a standalone CD-R/DVD-R etc. Besides, they are free in the "usual places", so anyone paying for them is getting ripped off.
* Dev Discs, Hardware Refresh Discs - Don't try and sell these. Or request them. Just don't. A Dev Disc is a term for any official MS disc that should NOT be for resale.. like the disc that formats the hard drive to a stock state (aka "refresh disc")
* $75.00 EBAY XBOXES / $19.95 PYRAMID SCEME XBOXES (or PS2s or GAMECUBES or DIGICAMs or WHATEVER). Do NOT post links to items that are too good to be true - THEY USUALLY ARE NOT. Try ordering one yourself before you make other people lose their money as well. (actually, don't even try it yourself). Odds are these threads will be closed soon after being opened. If YOU are the one selling these pyramid scheme items, you will be banned
* PAYPAL RAFFLES/DRAWS/SCAMS/WHATEVER, Don't try to make a post saying "Okay, everyone PayPal me $1, then the 300th person will win an Xbox!" Anything along those lines will be closed and you will probably (by that I mean, most definatley) be banned . This kind of falls in with the whole Pyramid Scheme idea.
* Items That Are Not Yours. Do not post a thread for an eBay auction, website, or shop that is not yours. Don't post topics like "HAY GUYS I FOUND THIS SITE R THEY LEGIT??!!?" and expect people to buy from them before you do. Check the Webshop Ratings to see if other people have bought from them. If not, try searching www.google.com. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. You shouldn't sell items for your 'friend' either.. let your friend join and he can sell his own items.
* HARD DRIVE GOODIES - Don't vaguely describe "goodies" on your hard drive that you might be selling.. it could be interpreted as COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL (ie games) and would be sent to garbage. Obviously, advertising that you are selling a HDD with games pre-loaded is a no-no. ROMs count as taboo pre-loaded games.
* Satellite products (even if 'legal')
* Pornography or adult materials or sex toys, etc. Keep it clean, keep it enjoyable.
* Collecting Donations for Xbox-Scene - This was a new issue that had recently come up. Don't start to collect money for us. If Xbox-Scene needs donations (which we don't, because of our advertising revenue), we would set up our own PayPal thingy. Don't feel obligated to start one for us. bannable.
* Other Donation Threads - You should not be starting donation threads at all in BST. If, for some reason, you feel you have a just cause, contact a mod first.
* Illegal Backups - See below for details.
* CLONED MODCHIPS - You are not allowed to BUY, SELL, ot TRADE CLONDED/FAKE XBOX CHIPS on this site. XS does not condone or endorse the use or purache of FAKE / CLONE modchips for XBOX. All to date have been defective.. and most people who have sold them misrepresent themselves, the product, and the quality of the product.
* Gmail invites - We're not doing these, for whatever reason. Give them away somewhere else.
* "Free Stuff from MS" - I have no idea what this is, but I'm fairly sure that falsifying information to get a free copy of Windows XP from a major corporation violates something or another, so these threads won't be tolerated.
*No Free crap at all actually. No asking for freebies, no posting freebies, no links to freebies. No begging. If you want to give something away, go ahead, but don't do it here, this is a buy sell and trade forum.

No Polls Whatsoever

Polls are extremely annoying and should not be posted in buy and sell. If you post a poll, the poll will usually be removed by a moderator and the thread will stay. Sometimes the thread will be closed outright.

Referral URLs

We do NOT allow any kind of REFERRAL URLS (note: these are different than references, which are allowed). Referral URLs usually have a refcode in the URL, and people make fractions of pennies or gain some sort of point everytime it is clicked. People get banned a lot for these, so be careful. PM me (brahm2) before you post it if you’re not sure. YES THESE in-clude FREE I-POD/FLATSCREEN/SIMILAR OFFERS.

No Separate Feedback Threads Whatsoever
This isn't a professional service. People wanting more, should consider opening a WebSite to sell their products. An example of a feedback thread would be like "Post your references for brahm2 in this thread!". Similarly, threads like "has anyone dealt with brahm2 before?" should not be posted. No "I got ripped off" threads, no "did you get ripped off threads." These will all be closed.

Don't make threads here unless YOU are buying, selling, or trading items
They will be closed, it's as simple as that.

The ONLY Legal Way To Sell Backups

* Games on removable media (cd-r, cd-rw, dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+r, dvd+rw, dvd-dual layer, dvd-ram, (and other recordable media formats) MAY NOT BE SOLD. AT ALL. Sale of loaded external or portable HD's loaded are also considered off limits and not allowed.
* For pre-mods, games can be pre-loaded on the hard drive ONLY if the originals are present, with their cases and manuals. This should be stated.
* People selling a backup burned copy of a game.. and selling it with a game.. EG.. Retail HALO with a DVD-R copy of it bundled together is NOT ALLOWED. We do not allow game copy site to promote themselves on XS.. and we don't allow people to sell copies even if in-cluded with a retail copy.

People will be banned without warning for a violation of these rules.

Note: I can't believe some people couldn't tell the difference.. but MOVIE BACKUPS/DVD COPIES count as ILLEGAL BACKUPS, unless, as stated above, they are sold with the original DVD, box, and inserts. ROMs also count as illegal backups.

It should be noted that the mods/admins are not complete idiots. If you think you have some clever word trick to get around the backup selling rule, think again. If you can’t take the 20 seconds to list the contents of your selling package, don’t bother posting in BST. HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE = BAN BAN. The words Goodies and Extras are construed this way as well in most circumstances.

What can I in-clude in a pre-mod and on the hard drive?
Homebrew Dashboards (evox, mxm, ava etc), Xbox based disk and flash utils (xflash, dvd2xbox etc) , homebrew games, Xbox based ftp apps, file navigation apps, etc. It’s okay to sell a pre-mod with a flashed BIOS. NOTE! This policy is subject to change on a whim!

eBay Auctions
You are allowed to make posts for *your* eBay auctions as long as they follow the other rules in this thread.

Dealing With Others

How Not To Get Scammed
The best way to ensure that you don't lose your hard earned money is a trade is to do some background research.
- Ask the person you are dealing for for forum references, and PM some of the people he may of dealt with.
- Ask for eBay feedback, and refs from BST-Secure or Heatware.
- Read the person's old posts. Click their username where they post, then when it brings up their profile, click "view all posts by this member.'
- Search for their name in the Buy & Sell section and see what comes up.
- DO NOT post a thread like "Has anyone ever dealt with xxxxxxxxxx". It will be closed immediatley.
Remember, Xbox-Scene is not responsible for the trading that goes on here. You trade at your OWN RISK, and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are trading with a trustworthy person.

EEPROM warning

If you send your Xbox to someone to have it modded, you run the risk of having your EEPROM taken from you without you knowing.
To the EEPROM buyers: ensure that you are buying your EEPROM from a reliable seller, one who does not "steal" EEPROMS, and make sure that the Xbox that it was taken from will never log onto Xbox Live.
To the EEPROM sellers: be considerate of your pre-mod customers, and let them know what you plan on doing with their EEPROM.
The mods are sick of EEPROM complaints. If you haven't already.. upgrade your BIOS to the new X2 bios' with ANTI-LIVE feature. It'll prevent you from accidently getting your EEPROM banned from live. As this becomes the defacto standard.. expect EEPROM sales to eventually disappear from XS.

Read Before Sending your Xbox away to be modded


X-S is not going to mediate transaction disputes. Someone gets ripped off.. too bad. We have no idea who ripped who off. Xbox-Scene does not claim responsibility for what goes on in Buy, Sell & Trade nor will we police it. Do NOT post threads like "******** is a scammer / I got ripped by *******" as they will be closed or moved to trash right away.

Tips on starting a good buy & Sell topic. (not rules.. but good advice)

* Post Country Currency.. ex. EUR, USD, CAD, etc. (Useful currency converter)
* in-clude your location
* in-clude an accurate and concise description of the item(s)
* Photos are always nice to have.
* Method of payment (PayPal, money order, etc)
* in-clude a few business references (members on Xbox-Scene, BST Secure, Heat, etc)
* Spell & grammar check and preview your post before you submit.
* Don't post in ALL CAPS, don't use excessive bold/italics/colors tags.
* Keep Internet Shorthand to a minimun, and give a good description of the item(s)

Violating The Rules

Don't do it if you value your account.

What to do if you see others do it

Click the "Report This Post" button and enter a short message. It sends out an e-mail to all mods, along with a description of the problem. This is easiest for most people (members & mods alike). This is the fastest way to make sure a moderator will see the post.

Short Summary of things that

* Selling Illegal Backups
* Multiple Account Abuses
* Promoting or attracting people to Pyramid Schemes
* Promoting or attracting people to what may not be a "pyramid scheme" by definition but is in fact a "free stuff" scheme
* Collecting donations in Xbox-Scene's name.
* PayPal "raffles"
* Repeated multiple abuses of the BST board in any way.
* FREE I-POD or FREE PC or ANY FREE WHATEVER referral link offer. Some boards allow this, Xbox-Scene DOES NOT.

Note from oswald - I will get a lot of PMs just because I made this post. That's okay, and I will help you clean up your topic from thread crappers, answer questions about the rules, and close your threads when you are ready to have them closed. I will NOT help you with scammers, mediate transaction disputes, or resolve webshop issues with you - nor will the other Xbox-Scene mods. You trade at your own risk.

If you get suspended, please take it like a man/woman, read the rules over and move on. I'm not out to get anyone, and these rules are here for a reason. If you break any of them, for any reason, expect to be warned/suspended/banned at the mods and admins discretion. I don't care if you've been here 3 days or 3 years, everyone gets treated the same. No one on staff is out to get you, so play by the rules and everyone can have a good time. I don't like being a bad guy, and I help to run this forum to give something small back to the scene, not to get off on banning people and being a rule nazi. Never take anything on the internet personally.

PLEASE send a BST mod or Head Mod a PM if you need clarification on anything, BEFORE posting a thread!

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Posted 08 July 2005 - 03:21 PM

I'll repeat this..

Let me make it PERFECTLY clear.

If you do not list everything you are selling.. your thread will be closed, and possibly the account suspended.

Do not say.. "PM for details on other things I am selling"

You either follow our rules or leave.

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Posted 05 October 2005 - 05:02 PM

New Rule Addition

Starting today, this new rule is in effect. Despite this, if I find you are guilty of this offence prior to today, you will still be banned.


If you are caught listing references that are not your own, or references of people you've never done business with, you will be banned. If you notice someone is using your name as a reference and you've never done business with them, PM me to have the issue sorted out immediately.

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 10:25 AM

Rules On Commercial Advertising

Getestore and Similar “store” / commissioned pre-made store type concepts – No Commission Based Sales. Period. This is pretty much a BST and BST360 specific rule. Any products offered for sale should be in direct possession by the seller. From now on, any new post in any of the BST sales type forums on XS, must list the products and merchandise in their entirety in the post on XS, or don’t bother posting at all on our site. To be perfectly blunt, XS is not here for you to make money. XS sponsors are the only exception to this rule. The items listed in any sales thread or post on XS, must actually be in the possession of the person(s) listing it for sale or trade. Selling items for a 3rd party business via a commission based "Ready Made Internet Store" does not constitute owning the stock, and will result in a closure of the thread, and possibly the account. We want members to be directly accountable for any actions/tractions they conduct on our site.

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