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Some Clarity On The Hex Method

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Posted 04 April 2005 - 05:34 AM

First thing you need is a hex editor. Use XVI32. It's free. It opens/searches the right kind of hex. Don't ask me why, different hex editors come up with different code for the same thing.

Alright, some instructions on this are a little unclear or long and unexact. Here is, I am pretty sure, precisely how you correctly do the Hex method. Also read on if you want to try to shrink land/object textures to fit in xbox ram, and run them.* There is one more place where you can use D:\, that I did not see in any other Hex method posts.

1a) Run a search for exactly Z:\
(don't put exactly, if you're a dumbass. Just search for "Z:\." Sans the quotes. Do you see em up there? No? Good. They're not in the search, they're there to clarify.)

1b) The first result should should find Z:\ in a place kind of like the example below.


See it? Good. Change that to a D, so that you now have D:\ where Z:\ was. Simple? Good.

2) Press the F3 key which will search for the next instance. You will land on Z:\Data Files\Fonts.
Do not change Z to D.
Just move on to the next step.

3) Push F3 again? You guessed it! You're gettin good at this. Now you should land on Z:\Data Files
Which is followed by two blank spaces, and next to "Months To Respawn"
Change Z to D.

4) Push F3 again. Hey wow! That seems like a Deja Vu!
You land on z:\Journal.csh (with a lower cased z)
Do not change Z to D.
Next step, which you probably already know.

5) Push F3. You suddenly realise your pointer finger is getting stronger. You will land on Z:\Data Files\%s.
Change Z to D.
I am not actually sure on this one. It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but if anyone knows what the % sign signifies/does in this instance, please feel free to let me know.

6) Yep, push F3. You fall on Z:\Data Files\Morrowind.bsa
If you plan on trying to shrink down and run visual packs (land textures, etc), then also change this Z:\ to D:\. Though this works for me on a very quick test, I'm not 100 percent sure it's safe, so you try this at your own risk. I personally believe it's safe. To then run the land textures if you have decreased their size enough.Whatever you decide here, move on to the final step next.

7) Pushing F3 results in Z:\Data Files\Meshes.
Change Z to D.

That is the hex method.

*For those who want to shrink and run landscape\object textures - There are only two programs that I know of which can batch shrink the textures. - DDS Converter 2 is free but sometimes doesn't work; 'Any Image' is one that requires purchasing it, but it's supposed to work quite well. I would think that a good way to shrink down texture files, in pure theory, is files at/greater than 128kb to 50% and files of over 600kb to 25% and that the textures would shrink by several times yet still look quite good. This part is theory since I haven't seen how they run on an xbox with standard ram. I think it might run pretty smooth, but don't complain if it doesn't.

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